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37+ Sand Free Parks in Orange County

37+ Sand Free Parks in Orange County

It’s easy to find parks without sand or “Sand Free Parks in Orange County” with this list. Thanks to the reader who wrote in requesting the information.

“I am looking for parks that don’t have bark chips or sand. I would prefer the rubber padded flooring. My granddaughter is autistic and due to the sensory issues that come along with that she would rather spend hours touching the sand or wood chips. If I could find a park without either it would enable her to enjoy the slides, swings, etc. I’m sure there are many parents of autistic children that would enjoy knowing where these parks are at in Orange County.”

This reader will be happy to know that the recycled rubber surface is becoming a preferred surface at many playgrounds.

Parks Without Sand (and Without Bark Chips)

Parks marked with * have restrooms. I’ve listed the parks without sand by south county, central county, and north county so it’s easier to find a sand free park near you.

Clipper Cove Park in Laguna Niguel with no sand

Sand Free Parks in South Orange County

Wieder Regional Park Huntington Beach no sand

Sand Free Parks in Central Orange County

Sand Free Parks in North Orange County

Honorable Mentions (because they have a sandbox separated from the equipment):

I hope that gives you some options! I will keep my eye out as I explore more parks. I know my “Fenced Parks” post has also been a popular one.

Originally published in June 2011.


Thursday 22nd of January 2015

Thanks for this list! I've been searching everywhere for something like this. Do you have an updated list by any chance? I'd very much appreciate it if you could provide me one.

Thank you,



Saturday 11th of June 2011

Peter green park in HB does have a separate sand pit for Volley ball, but it is far enough away from the play area that it is usually not a issue.

There is also a park on the HB wetlands free from sand that I love to take my kids to, its called Harriet Weider park. (on Seapoint Drive)


Saturday 11th of June 2011

and Grant Howald Park in Cornona Del Mar has a tiered park. The top level doesn't have sand and the lower level does.


Saturday 11th of June 2011

Cliff Drive Park in newport Beach doesn't have sand too. Thanks!

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