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Pavion Park in Mission Viejo

Pavion Park in Mission Viejo

Pavion Park in Mission Viejo existed for a long time before it opened with a completely new playground in December 2014 — designed to be a universally accessible playground and one of the most progressive playgrounds I’ve ever seen.  

When I first visited this park back in 2010, it was our “mystery destination” on a walk up the Oso Creek Trail through the Jeronimo Open Space from Oso Viejo Park near the Norman P. Murray Senior Center. I had my two kids and two nephews with me (ages 4-8) and embarked toward Pavion thinking it would be a quick jaunt, but it turns out it’s a 1.8 mile hike uphill on a paved trail.

Directions to Pavion Park in Mission Viejo: Pavion is near the corner of Jeronimo and Olympiad. There are multiple directions to approach this park. From Interstate 5, it may be easiest to exit Alicia Parkway and travel east towards the foothills. Drive quite a ways up the hill and turn right onto Jeronimo. Drive all the way up Jeronimo until it almost hits Olympiad. Turn right at Pavion. Park along the street. [Address: 24051 Pavion, Mission Viejo] MAP TO PAVION PARK IN MISSION VIEJO

Standing teeter totter equipment at Pavion Park in Mission Viejo. Bright green bars on a blue recycled rubber surface.


It’s universally accessible!

They integrated a little natural history with interpretive signs about animals that are (or were once) native to the area.

Colorful adirondack chairs grouped for socializing.

blue bench and table with 2 green chairs with view of playground and rock climbing structure in the middle of Pavion Park in Mission Viejo

There’s a path just past the Oso Creek Trail leading between this park and Oso Viejo Park which cuts through the Jeronimo Open Space. It was a beautiful walk. (Uphill from Oso Viejo to here / Downhill from here to Oso Viejo).

Two bench swings, two baby swings, two “swing with me” swings where you can swing face-to-face in tandem with your baby or toddler. If you like these, I have a whole list of parks with Mommy and Me baby swings.

mommy and me swings at pavion park in mission viejo

Fun dance game that gets kids really active.

pavion park dance play area with colorful chairs surrounding circular dance floor area with equipment that plays songs

I counted 15 spinners — all different kinds! Usually kids are waiting to take turns, but you can have tons of kids all spinning away at the same time.

New and different zip line! Have you ever seen a zip line swing like this?

zip track swing in foreground with full playground in the background

A big colorful maze on the ground with game instructions (or make up your own).

maze game with colorful concrete stamped with letters and numbers in concentric circles

It’s a super large playground with multiple play areas laid out on a flat surface.

Shade trees surrounding the playground on the lawn area.

The main playground is completely accessible with ramps and interactive boards – and a tree house slide that some can reach by climbing leaf ladders.

top of the playground equipment with wide ramps for universal access

Only a small sand area for the diggers.

It has a rocking boat that fits a wheelchair.

boat play equipment with entry wide enough for wheelchair which rocks back and forth when pushed by friends

Be Aware:

  • There is an elementary school nearby so traffic and parking could be bad at school drop-off and pick up.
  • It’s a popular park on weekends.
blue and green diggers in a sand play area at Pavion Park with trees and seating area in the background


Pre-2014 Photo Archive of Pavion Park!

It used to look A LOT different!

Originally posted in August 2010.

Cara S.

Monday 6th of March 2017

If I wanted to have my child's 1st birthday party there and also have a bounce house, is that allowed? If yes, what steps do I need to take to make sure I am compliant with any rules/regulations? Thank you!

Michele Whiteaker

Monday 6th of March 2017

You will need to contact the City of Mission Viejo directly to get your questions answered. There is an email address and phone number on this page:

I always find it more useful to call, because you are bound to have lots of questions and the people who work at Parks and Rec are usually very nice and helpful.


Sunday 31st of May 2015

I love this park. Big applause for the developers and designers.

By the way, my 2 year old loves it too.


Lan Sue

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Mission Viejo created a video featuring the park:

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