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Parks with Mommy and Me Baby Swings

Parks with Mommy and Me Baby Swings

Families are looking for parks with Mommy and Me baby swings, also known as Expression Swing by their manufacturer (GameTime). I like the Expression Swing because it puts the older rider at the same eye level as the baby or toddler.

mommy and me swings expression swings

Another manufacturer has a model called the Generation Swing (by Little Tykes Commercial).

The Generation Swing is also a tandem swinging experience, but the older rider is at a different eye level than the baby/toddler.

It also seems a bit more crowded and more straddling for an adult than the Expression Swing.

mommy and me generation swing by little tykes commercial

Now, obviously, these are NOT only for moms or mommies and babies. Obviously!

However, this is the term parents are using when they type their query into search engines. So, as a blogger, this is the best way for me to make sure this information reaches the greatest amount of searchers.

Even if I called them “Parent and Me” swings, then I’d be leaving out caregivers, grandparents, and siblings.

The best description I can think of is face to face tandem baby swings but then I’m also leaving out toddlers who are also able to fit in these swings.

So I think I’ve settled on my newly made-up name of Swing with Me Swings. It’s an invitation to all rather than excluding anyone or getting wrapped up in naming conventions. Let’s just get out there and PLAY!

Parks with Mommy and Me Baby Swings

Thanks to those readers who joined in on a crowdsourcing brainstorm about where we've seen these Swing with Me Swings parks in Orange County, CA. We came up with a list.  Mission Viejo seems to be the leader in this trend with Aliso Viejo jumping in with one park.

More Parks with Mommy and Me Baby Swings

I still need to get out to these parks to get photos.

  • Lagos De Moreno Park at Laurel Elementary School in Brea has one, but the park is only open limited hours.
  • Cameron Park and Charter Oak Park in Covina both have them.
  • Bolivar Park in Lakewood
  • For those who are residents of Great Park Neighborhoods, “The Pools” area has these swings (but it’s intended for residents only).

More Parks in Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo

Thanks again for all the input from my readers. This list wouldn’t be possible with your help!

Originally published in January 2019.

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