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Seabridge Park and Beach in Huntington Harbour

Seabridge Park and Beach in Huntington Harbour

Seabridge Park in Huntington Harbour / Huntington Beach was like a “oh, finally!” moment for me.

After asking around, some HB locals call this Mother’s Beach whereas the City of Huntington Beach saves that name for nearby Davenport Beach Park.

You’ve told me about this area before, but I never realized the exact location until I finally got to visit. 

There are restaurants and a more busy-beachgoing scene on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Sunset Beach which is really close to this park in distance, but feels very far away because it’s across the water and not that easily reachable from PCH.

seabridge park huntington harbor grassy area

The playground is really fun with a pirate ship where you can walk the plank (and drop 6 inches), plus a 4-person teeter-totter and swing-with-me swing!

seabridge park huntington harbour - pirate ship

How to Get to Seabridge Park and Beach in Huntington Harbour

This is on the Seal Beach end of Huntington Harbour and a little hard to reach because it’s at the end of a dead-end street with water all around.

The closest big intersection is Bolsa Chica Street and Edinger Ave. From Bolsa Chica Street, you’ll want to go towards the ocean on Edinger and drive along it for quite a while (neighborhoods will be on your left and chain link fencing and a water channel will be on your right).

Turn left at Countess Drive before you go over the bridge where Edinger turns into Sunset Way and leads into the Harbour.

There are parking spots on your left along the edge of the park. (Address: 16252 Countess Drive, Huntington Beach) MAP TO SEABRIDGE PARK AND BEACH IN HUNTINGTON HARBOUR

teeter totter


  • This is really close to the ocean in Huntington Harbor so you get the sea breezes and the nice summer weather
  • You get a beach + playground — but there is no lifeguard on duty so really watch your little ones!
  • Pirate-themed pretend play with this pirate ship playground complete with a cannon and plank
  • 4-person teeter-totter with what looks like a table-top in between
  • 2 bench swings, 2 baby swings, 1 swing-with-me swing
  • A couple of fun faster slides and one small double slide
green slide
  • Grips, ladders, rope bridges, and stairs for climbing
  • A no waves beach for toddlers to dip their toes and parents to set up camp in the sand
  • Shaded picnic tables and grassy area
  • Restroom building nearby the beach and playground
  • Easy parking when it’s not too busy
  • Outdoor shower to wash down after playing at the beach
  • I loved the shade for picnics and since it was cooler at the beach I didn’t mind the sun on the playground
beach at Seabridge Park with sand in foreground and houses with boats parked in background inside harbor

Be Aware:

  • No lifeguard – this is a big deal any time you are around water with your child! I used to be a YMCA lifeguard and swim teacher – please, please, please keep your eyes on your child at all times here. You might think they wouldn’t wander that far off the playground or that they can’t get into much trouble, but you need to be in close physical distance and have your eyes on your child at all times to prevent an unthinkable tragedy. No distracted phone call or quick run to the car is worth the real potential for an accident. 
  • Picnic tables are not perfect – one was warped and some are set on unlevel ground at odd angles
  • The sand can get HOT make sure you have shoes to prevent burns on the bottoms of feet (yours and your child’s)
seabridge park huntington harbour - playground from beach


outdoor shower

Parks nearby Seabridge Park:

Originally published in June 2019.