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15 Pirate Parks in Orange County

15 Pirate Parks in Orange County

We found over 15 Pirate Parks in Orange County! Some have a pirate ship shaped playgrounds and others just have a pirate theme.

Some pirate parks are near the beach and others have surfacing that makes them look like they are floating in the water.

I hope this helps you find a park with a pirate ship out there somewhere near you!

Pirate Parks in Orange County

This is the first and (so far) only list of Pirate Parks in Orange County! Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas on my @ocplayparks Instagram Story.

There are a few more to add to the list of Pirate Parks in Orange County. These are posts I still need to update with new photos since playgrounds have been updated from when I originally posted:

16. Splash! La Mirada Buccaneer Bay (water park)

17. Centennial Park in Santa Ana has a pirate ship playground near the lake.

18. I especially like the Dotson Park (Stanton) pirate ship because its black! And I love the details of the X marking the spot and the treasure chest. (Note for Summer 2023: Splash pad closed at this park for maintenance. It was also the site of a tragic shooting on a busy Saturday afternoon in April 2023. A local father was killed right outside the park. I always trust the advice of families who live in the neighborhood. I’m hearing them warn to avoid this park for now.)