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20+ Parks with Big Slides in Orange County

20+ Parks with Big Slides in Orange County

Finally! A list of parks with big slides in Orange County, California. This one took me a while to put together.

I thought about making the list only tunnel slides or some call them tube slides. Then I felt bad for the corkscrew slides or spiral slides. Some kids like the super wide slides where they can race their 2 or 3 friends.

I feel like this list is a work in progress and I’m open to suggestions for the tallest slides in Orange County or the widest slides in Orange County. Just drop me an email and I’ll add to the list.

I also thought it would be fun to do a food pairing for this slide post! So I came up with the idea to list places to get sliders (mini-burgers usually served as an appetizer). You’ll find my list of those spots and even recipes for you to make at home at the end of this post.

Parks with Big Slides in Orange County

Parks with big slides! That's what your kids keep asking for and that's what I've tried to highlight in this list of over 20 parks with the biggest or tallest slides in Orange County.

Where to Get Sliders for a Picnic

Sliders are like mini-burgers or sometimes they are filled with brisket or tri-tip. The buns can be anything from classic sesame to fluffy yeasty rolls or even biscuits.

They are usually on the appetizer portion of the menu (so can be less expensive) and they come 3 or 4 to a plate (so they are easy to share).

You can also sometimes score sliders during Happy Hour for much lower prices, but I doubt you can get them to go.

Find sliders in the freezer section of the grocery store:

  • White Castle Cheeseburgers are basically sliders
  • BUBBA Burger Gourmet Sliders

OR find some recipes on Pinterest and make your own at home. All you need are the little buns or make them on Kings Hawaiian rolls:

Summer Play Trips BINGO – Biggest Slides in OC

I created this post as part of my 2021 Summer Play Trips BINGO games that come out every week during the summer of 2021 in my newsletter and on my @ocplayparks Instagram account. You can play along if you want, or you can just visit the parks with big slides in this post.

What should you do after you complete your BINGO card? You can take the pressure off and do NOTHING. Seriously, who needs more on their To Do List?

But, if you or your kids want some recognition for your efforts, send me one self-addressed, stamped envelope at the end of summer along with your card or some artwork or a note to tell us of your adventures (or multiple envelopes as you complete them) and I’ll mail you back a personal note and stickers — for as long as I can keep up!

Address to send your self-addressed, stamped envelope: Michele at, c/o Play Parks Creative LLC, PO Box 52451, Irvine, CA 92619

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