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Bluebird Park in Laguna Beach

Bluebird Park in Laguna Beach

Bluebird Park is one of my most highly recommended parks.

According to an article in the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot by Joan Gladstone (Sounding Off: Woman’s Club Has Long History, June 26, 2008), the Woman’s Club of Laguna Beach is responsible for “spearheading the creation of a playground at Bluebird Park.”

They started a fundraising drive back in 1959 and their efforts came to fruition at the dedication on May 1, 1962.

Neighboring the Boys and Girls Club, the park continues to provide “recreational facilities for our youth.” It remains a top class play area.

Bluebird Park Laguna Beach rocketship playground

Directions to Bluebird Park in Laguna Beach

From Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, turn away from the ocean on Cress Street which turns into Blue Bird Drive. Follow the street past a few stop signs and the park is on the right. (Address: 798 Blue Bird Canyon Drive, Laguna Beach). MAP TO BLUEBIRD PARK IN LAGUNA BEACH

aerial view of playground from top of rocketship play structure


The kids call it Rocketship Park because of the fun 4-story structure that greats you when you walk through the gate

  • An immense fenced-in park with a number of “rooms”
    • (1) a dedicated small fry scooter/trike path complete with bridges, tunnels and hills,
    • (2) small fry play area with baby swings and a baby 4-kid teeter-totter,
    • (3) bigger kid play area with jungle gym dome, spinning & climbing equipment, and swings
    • (4) sidewalk around big kid park good for scooters and bikes,
    • (5) slide hill with steps to 2 steep metal slides and one curvy fiberglass slide,
    • (6) a gem-studded turtle sculpture for climbing and photo-ops,
    • (7) a small half-basketball court,
    • (8) a picnic area with barbecues, and
    • (9) a wide expanse of grass for running and picnics.
play area for younger kids with balancing and climbing apparatus

Did I mention the park is fenced-in?

Caregivers can see almost every part of the park from a central, shaded picnic table.

Bluebird park trike track

Be Aware:

  • The metal slides get HOT on sunny days
  • No dogs allowed
  • There is access to the Boys & Girls Club parking lot if your child travels up the ramps to the bathrooms or behind the wall-slides — just be extra watchful here
  • There may be extra play traffic in the park during afternoons when the Boys & Girls Club kids visit
  • When sand gets spread on the small fry play structure – it gets super slippery
old-fashioned jungle gym dome on a bark play surface


  • The bathroom building is visible in the photo above behind the rocketship – really nice and equipped with one little kid potty and sink (close to the ground), in addition to adult stalls
  • Drinking fountain on small fry playground and near bathrooms
  • All different play surfaces: lawn, sand, bark, and some recycled rubber
  • The small fry play area has sand & recycled rubber
  • The scooter/trike track is asphalt
  • The big kid walkway/bike lane is sidewalk
  • There’s bark under the big kid play area
  • Cool in the summer b/c of proximity to beach
  • Avila’s El Ranchito Restaurant and Subway on the corner of Cress and Pacific Coast Highway
  • Official City of Laguna Beach website for Bluebird Park playground
Bluebird Park sculptured turtle

Parks nearby Bluebird Park in Laguna Beach:

Originally published March 2009.

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Wednesday 27th of July 2011

Do you know if you have to make reservations to have a party at Bluebird Park?


Friday 21st of January 2011

We were just there today and this park is amazing! Effective use of space and as Michele described there are a variety of play surfaces. The play structures are by a company called Kompan and I could not be more impressed. The play structures managed to combine a modern and eclectic feel that would even be a challege for adults (or at least this one!) I love how the toddler play area had a sand station that kept my 2-year old entertained and the slides built into the walls were amazing. I like how you have to climb a series of steps to get to the top of the slides which is a great energy expender for my active toddler. And this isn't just kids' play because the double stainless steel slides were super fast and when I attempted to go down them, it was quite a thrill! Just be aware that you go down super fast and I landed on my feet. For such a compact space this park has an entire afternoon of creative and active play to offer as well as the creation of fond memories. Thanks for this recommendation!

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