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Florence Joyner Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo

Florence Joyner Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo

Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo is named for Florence Joyner features a statue of her and artistic details in tribute to Olympic athletes.

See if your child can find the rainbow Olympic torch “burning” in a rainbow of color.

I love this park. It’s always a challenge to post because it’s always too busy to shoot photos of the equipment.

This park originally found its way to my blog through a reader recommendation. It was seriously a covert operation to get  photos of the park before the kids get there to play. I was the focus of strange looks and questions from early morning walkers and adult soccer players, but I completed my mission before any rays of sun brightened the playground.

Triple slides at Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo

That was my story on my first trip to the playground. It went somewhat the same way on my second trip when a reader informed me of the new area with musical play equipment and new spinners — plus the switch from the long twisty slide to a twisty tunnel slide. (Thanks, Rachel!)

Musical play area at Olympiad Park

Directions to Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo: Exit Interstate 5 at Alicia Parkway and drive it quite a ways up the hill crossing Marguerite, and driving past Mission Viejo’s lake, until you reach Olympiad. Turn left on Olympiad and the park will be your first right. (Address: 22760 Olympiad Rd, Mission Viejo) MAP to Florence Joyner Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo

Recommended by: Jennifer at Tiny Oranges (her comments in italics)


The lower level of Olympiad Park features a pirate ship structure and lots of interactive features for imaginative play.

The upper level is full of slides, climbers, tunnels, and bright blue equipment.

Lots of trees and shade providing a real woodsy feel with neat wooden bridges and rocky landscaping.

There’s also a line of swings (2 baby, 4 bench).

Many adjacent picnic benches close to the equipment. Easy to sit still and keep an eye on your kids.

Great play structure with a tall winding slide that my daughter loved.

Lots of equipment for all ages.

Huge grassy area for running.

Large covered picnic area with grills.

There’s a gas station, Albertson’s grocery store, and restaurants at the corner of Alicia and Olympiad if you need refreshments or supplies.

Gray rock climber up to the playground

One of my favorite parts of the park is a WATERFALL surprise when you walk away from the playground to the corner of Olympiad and Alicia Parkway. It’s like a SECRET PARK! Sssshhhhh.

So cool with tranquil seating areas and even a Little Free Library! So bring your books and trade them out for new ones (take a book, share a book).

Be Aware

This park is  busy at times.  There were already tablecloths on the tables for birthday parties when I was there in the early morning hours.

The small recycled rubber slope under the big twisty slide gets super-slippery when covered in sand. It’s fun for the kids sliding down, but bad if you are trying to walk down it. I see adults and kids take spills on this slope every time I’m here.

“Do not climb on rocks” signs all over the park. (Huh? I see rocks, I want to climb. Oh, well.)

View of twisty slide and spinners at Olympiad Park


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Originally posted in November 2009.


Monday 6th of July 2015

Very nice park but there was a lot of round, green poop on the grass and sand.


Friday 11th of April 2014

My kids love this park! I've been taking them since they were babies. During the summer, Kindercare brings the big kids there. Those days can be a little challenging if you have little ones. Great park!

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