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Aurora Park: Neat-o Nature Walk and Yellow Taxicab

Aurora Park: Neat-o Nature Walk and Yellow Taxicab

Aurora Park in Mission Viejo was such a surprise when I first visited this park between Marguerite Parkway and Alicia Parkway in June of 2009. We went there for a playgroup at the end of the school year with our preschool friends. We stayed for 2+ hours! Once we were done playing on the playground, we headed for a nice walk below the park on a sidewalk loop. I now regularly return to walk the loop around the park and the playground is just as fun for kids.

Big Kid Playground at Aurora Park in Mission Viejo

Location of Aurora Park in Mission Viejo: Drive up Alicia Parkway toward the foothills. Turn right on Aurora Drive and make a quick left onto Via Gaudix. The park is ahead on your right. OR take Marguerite Parkway going north and turn left onto Via Gaudix. MAP to Aurora Park in Mission Viejo

Tunnel Slide at Aurora Park in Mission Viejo


  • Generally nice feel – landscaped seating area, surrounded by oaks and sycamores, feels secluded and cozy, easy to view kids and keep track of multiple children
  • Yellow taxi cab seems to the highlight, as well as the swings
  • Natural exploration – we loved the nature trail behind and below the playground
  • 2 baby swings, 2 bench swings
  • View of Saddleback above the soccer field

Baby Swings and Bench Swings at Aurora Park in Mission Viejo
Be Aware:

  • This structures have arches over the ladders and walkways – no problem for the kids – but I ALWAYS hit my head on these!
  • Heard about a red ant attack on the grass by the basketball court (daughter was sitting in the grass and the ants bit her). Again, just be aware.


Parks Nearby Aurora Park in Mission Viejo:

Originally published in June 2009.


Thursday 2nd of July 2009

We definitely had fun at this park. The sidewalk around the park equipment was great for scooter riding. The rock climbing walls were a hit with my toddler. The places to put his hand and feet were nice and large and not as scary as some other parks. The only downside is the lack of shade over the play equipment. Bring plenty of sunscreen!