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7+ Beach Playgrounds Right in the Sand

7+ Beach Playgrounds Right in the Sand

I never realized how many OC beach playgrounds we actually have for playing right in the sand! But, then again, why am I surprised with so many Orange County beaches suited for families?

I’ve even added two since I posted my original 7! Let’s explore these beach playgrounds from north to south.

Eisenhower Park at the Seal Beach Pier

Renovated with a small wall around it located at the base of the Seal Beach Pier on the south side.

All Inclusive Huntington Beach Playground in the Sand

Opened Summer 2018 and sits north of the Huntington Beach Pier. (This one does get ALL the salt water elements and some families have reported parts being a little rusted or corroded. Comes with the location!).

Marina Park in Newport Beach

This one is on the bay side so it’s not near the waves, but it’s right on the beach. (Photo credit: Julie)

Peninsula Park in Newport Beach

Maybe least favorite because of the summer parking situation? This one is in the midst of a replacement right now that started in Fall 2023! Description of project says: “Removal of existing playground equipment and replacement with new lifeguard themed structure, swings, ground elements and rubber surfacing.”

This playground has been removed and will be replaced in renovation.

Main Beach Playground in Laguna Beach

Ah, the whole ocean lifeguard theme of this one gets me! It’s customized to match the iconic lifeguard tower nearby.

Aliso Beach Park in Laguna Beach

Spent many an evening watching the sun set from this playground.

North Beach Swings and San Clemente Pier swings in San Clemente

It’s small and the slide is gone with only a few swings left (due to beach erosion). I almost took this one off the list because it has not been as family-friendly of late — and also the land movement in the area has closed down the trail for repairs in this area. However, the city is working to improve the experience and safety. So you might just want to wait and see?

A little further south, in between the pier and the lifeguard headquarter building, there’s a picnic area with swings and a pull-up bar. It’s less a playground and more just a place by the pier to swing. But for some kids, a swing is all they need!

Bonus Beach Playgrounds

That was only the first 7 I discovered, there are more to add to the list!

Seabridge Park in Huntington Harbour

This is now one of my favorites! I love the pirate theme and this one is just a little easier to keep track of the kids. The grassy area allows for picnics, too.

seabridge park huntington harbour - playground from beach

Channel Place Park in Newport Beach

This one is really challenging for the parking and not necessarily a destination playground. But it’s a fun if you happen to be within walking distance.

Newport Dunes Playground in Newport Beach

Depending upon how long you stay, this one could cost you a parking fee — but sometimes it’s worth it because it can be less crowded due to its location hidden away in this quiet bay.

newport dunes pirate playground
newport dunes swingset and blue whale

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Originally published in May 2017.