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Southern California Parks Picked by DaytrippingMom

Southern California Parks Picked by DaytrippingMom
A Top Ten List by DaytrippingMom

Orange County boasts an amazing community of local bloggers all specializing in their own piece of the great orange pie. Daytripping Mom is a “Southern California Destination and Event Guide” for families. She lives in Orange County and thrives on day trips all over So Cal. Before I embark on any trip I consult her blog to see if she’s already been there and what tips she has to share. I can’t thank her enough for agreeing to run down her favorite parks in Southern California for readers of Fun Orange County Parks.  Enjoy!

I love taking my children on outdoor adventures. One of our favorite things to do is to take advantage of the wonderful parks that surround us. I love that my kiddos can play for hours on end at our favorite parks and it doesn’t usually cost us a thing! It usually also provides an opportunity for me to take a breather, unwind a bit and enjoy the surroundings.

1. Irvine Regional Park (Orange) – My kiddos love walking the grounds and spotting the peacocks that roam the grounds. A perfect day at Irvine Park for us would include packing a lunch, taking a ride on the Irvine Park Railroad, a horsey ride and topping our day with a visit to the OC Zoo.
2. Aliso Creek Beach Park (South Laguna Beach) – Enjoy frolicking at the beach or take advantage of the great ship-themed playground. I love the separate grassy area where you can sit and watch the kiddos play without getting sandy. It’s also the perfect spot for a picnic.
3. Griffith Park (Los Angeles) – Griffith Park is my childhood park. I learned to ride a bike and fly a kite at this magnificent place. There is so much to see and do, from the amazing Griffith Park observatory to the incredible Travel Town museum and playgrounds galore. Rest assured that you could spend an entire day exploring the park.
4.Brand Park (Glendale)– I grew up a couple of streets from this beautiful park and spent many afternoons hiking with my friends and family. You will find a fun hiking trail, the Brand Library, beautiful Japanese gardens, deer peeking around the playground and the best hills to roll down. Pack a picnic lunch and be prepared for great memories.
5. Atlantis Play Center (Garden Grove)This classic playground is not only one of my children’s favorite playground, it is also my husband’s favorite park as a child. The best part is that children are not allowed without and adult and vice versa. You can enjoy a carefree afternoon in a park plucked out of your childhood dreams.
6. Laguna Main Beach Park (Laguna Beach) – Every time we are in Laguna Beach, we make a pit stop at Main Beach Park. It’s one of the best places to people watch and my kiddos absolutely love playing in the play area. I love watching the waves in the background. It can get quite busy in the summer. This park is a must visit, once the tourists are gone and the weather cools down a bit.
7. Chase Palm Park (Santa Barbara)– Nestled right across from East Beach in Santa Barbara,  Chase Palm Park is also referred to as “Shipwreck Park.” It’s a must on your visit to Santa Barbara. This park has it all: incredible views, beautiful scenery, an amazing play area modeled after a ship, a skate park and a beautiful carousel. You could spend hours exploring this beauty.
8. Portola Park (La Habra) – This fun park is home to the La Habra Children’s Museum. We’ve spent plenty of afternoons enjoying the museum and this great little park. My kids are crazy about the whimsical play area. They love running around the former train station which has been converted to a community theater and the children museum. There are great places to picnic and your kiddos will love playing around the old train cars. Pack a lunch and head over on the first Saturday of the month and enjoy free admission to the museum.
9. Yorba Regional Park(Anaheim Hills) – Our favorite “neighborhood park” is home to a lake, several fun play areas and the absolute best bike trails. This beautiful regional park is the perfect place to enjoy a family picnic and d play until your heart desires. We visit this park often and love it!

10.Prentice Park – Santa Ana Zoo (Santa Ana)– One of our favorite places to spend a sunny afternoon. Prentice Park is home to the Santa Ana Zoo and a fun place to spend time with my kiddos. We love the shaded area that is perfect for picnics and the great play area at zoo’s entrance.


Sunday 6th of September 2009

Fantastic suggestions! I keep forgetting about Prentice Park and we live so close!

Suz Broughton

Saturday 5th of September 2009

Aracely's suggestions are always spot-on. Thanks for posting :)


Saturday 5th of September 2009

Thank you so much for featuring me on your amazing blog! I'm honored!

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