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Cliff Drive Park in Newport Beach

Cliff Drive Park in Newport Beach

Cliff Drive Park in Newport Beach is such a fun little park right off Mariner’s Mile. It’s partially enclosed and settled in the space between Pacific Coast Highway below and a Newport Beach neighborhood above with peekaboo views of the harbor.

Directions to Cliff Drive Park in Newport Beach: You can reach the park from below at Pacific Coast Highway to Riverside Drive. If you are coming from Pacific Coast Highway, it’s best if you turn around so you are coming down the hill to park on the same side of the street as the playground. Or you can come from above the playground and park along Cliff Drive. I have the marker on the map placed directly on the playground. (Park Address: 301 Riverside Drive, Newport Beach) MAP TO CLIFF DRIVE PARK IN NEWPORT BEACH

Park Highlights:

The playground is pretty simple and set up like a ship with lots of opportunities for climbing.

You’ll like the blue ocean waves set into the walls and the blue and gray shade sails over the play structure.

There spots for climbing and hanging: a cage climber, the prow of the “boat,” a ladder, a climbing board, and what I call showerhead spinners!

The stairs can almost be as fun as the playground. There are lots of spots to explore with the kids by walking the sidewalks up and around and through the park. You get better views from the topside of the park.

The small basketball court means older siblings can play while younger ones are on the playground — and you can watch both kids.

Some parents will like that the playground is mostly enclosed by a wall in the back and a fence in the front.

There are 3 picnic tables at the top off the park off Cliff Drive for a picnic with a bay view on clear days. Thanks to Julie for the recommendation of pairing C’est Si Bon Bakery with this playground. The picnic was 10/10.

The Cliff Drive Community Center is also attached to this park which is rentable for parties, meetings, and events.

Be Aware:

The playground is rated for 5-12 year olds which means there are more “drops” and openings for falls for younger kids. The problem when supervising younger kids here is that there are drops on both sides – so it’s not like you can guard one side and they are safe on the other. You would either need to be up on the equipment with them or teamwork it. Luckily it’s not too high off the ground.

There are two entrances/exits to the playground’s enclosure. One on side of the playground near the boat’s bow. And then two spots near the back where there is a ramp and also stair entrance/exit. Still, it feels very compact and easy to see the kids from any angle.

There is only one bench in the corner of the playground.

When shooting hoops, the grass area should slow the balls from running into the street, but you just might want to caution what to do if the ball gets away from you and rolls all the way to the street.

Lots of dog walkers on the morning when I visited. All dogs were on leash.

Park Checklist:

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