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Best Aliso Viejo Parks and Playgrounds

Best Aliso Viejo Parks and Playgrounds

What are the best Aliso Viejo parks and playgrounds? All of them! Well, I bet you have your favorites.

Opinions can change dependent on the ages of the children, the weather or season, or just based on one good or bad park trip.

I’ll attempt to list Aliso Viejo parks and playgrounds as if I were giving advice to a friend who is visiting the area.

Aliso Viejo Parks and Playgrounds

The Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA) actually manages all the parks in Aliso Viejo (NOT the city!). That means you need to call the AVCA to make reservations and reservations are limited to Aliso Viejo residents. I have all their info in the checklist at the end of this post.

Here is my list of parks in Aliso Viejo, in no particular order:

Regional Parks closest to Aliso Viejo:

Aliso Viejo Parks without Playgrounds

  • Aliso Canyon Community Park
  • Brookline Park
  • Creekside Park
  • Crestview Park
  • Foxborough Park
  • Glenbrook Park
  • Hillview Park
  • Pinewood Park
  • Wingspan Park


Originally published in February 2018.

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