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Ridgecrest Park in Aliso Viejo

Ridgecrest Park in Aliso Viejo

Ridgecrest Park in Aliso Viejo is a favorite for families because of all the play options.

If you’re a sports player, there are tennis courts, a basketball court and a fitness course.

Shade covers over the playground make it a nice option for summer.

Views of Saddleback Valley greet walkers around the sidewalk loop.

How to Get to Ridgecrest Park in Aliso Viejo: Right off Aliso Creek Road — so it’s most easily reached by exiting the 73 Tollroad at Glenwood Drive. Head towards Aliso Creek Road and turn left. Then turn left again onto Eastwing.  If you are taking I-5, exit at El Toro Road and drive west until you hit Aliso Creek Road. Turn left and pass through the Laguna Audobon neighborhoods (with streets named after birds) until you make a right onto Eastwing. The Ridgecrest Park parking lot is right on the corner of Eastwing and Aliso Creek Road. MAP to Ridgecrest Park in Aliso Viejo


  • The shade cover is a huge plus to this park. Actually, there are 4 shade covers: one over the picnic table, one over the swings, and one each over the big kid and little kid playgrounds.
  • The kids liked the 4 person teeter-totter and the igloo
  • Lots of climbing opportunities and different slides
  • Mr. PlayParks and I took turns walking around the sidewalk running on the perimeter of the park enjoying the solitude and amazing views of Saddleback Valley.
  • There’s lots of lawn in the center of the park and another separate lawn area beyond the playground.
  • The main park has two areas that don’t seem like part of the main park, but are actually part of why I love this park. There’s a deep green space down the hill to the right of the playground. And if you meander past the playground on Eastwing, you’ll be treated to a small garden with paths. Older kids love to scramble between the upper and lower parks.
  • 4 bench swings, 2 baby swings

Be Aware:

  • Seemed like there was a lot of competition for the basketball court, so have a Plan B if this is the only reason for your visit.
  • Somewhat close to the street — with a ramp leading away from the main playground area. So stay vigilant if you have a “runner” or “wanderer.”
  • You can’t view the kids when you are sitting at the covered picnic table, but there’s an unshaded picnic table near the playground.
  • SCE power lines over some portions of the park.


  • Dedicated parking lot
  • Sand play surface
  • Restroom near the parking lot
  • Drinking fountain right near the playground
  • Nice, flat walking path around the park
  • Great views
  • Native plant garden

Checklist (continued):

  • One bench in the center of the playground, plus 9 more spread out all around the park
  • A covered picnic area right over a small hill from the playground with charcoal barbecue (unshaded table near the playground)
  • Lighted tennis courts and basketball court, plus a fitness course added in 2014
  • Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA) owns the parks and takes reservations for AVCA members on this park reservation form
  • Nearby public library: Aliso Viejo Public Library

Parks near Ridgecrest Park:

Originally published in February 2010.


Tuesday 7th of October 2014

We love this park and it's surroundings!! And the shade and clean bathrooms

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