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Fullerton Sports Complex Playground

Fullerton Sports Complex Playground

Fullerton Sports Complex Playground is new as of March 2021. Never fear – the shade cover is still there for now! The shade cover is such a bonus for hot summer days.

I’m going to miss the warm feeling of the wood playground and the whimsical tree house and brightly-colored climbers. It’s somehow lost it’s bright feel. Maybe it was the cloudy morning when I visited?

I am truly going to miss that old playground. It was one of a kind! I’ll put a few photos at the bottom of the post in case you are curious about how it used to look!

large brown shade cover over playground with cloudy skies

Directions to the Fullerton Sports Complex Playground

Bastanchury is one of the main roads through Fullerton.  We traveled by way of the 57 Freeway.

Exit at Yorba Linda Boulevard and turn towards Cal State Fullerton.

Get in the right lane so you are prepared to turn right on State College Blvd.

After turning right onto State College Blvd, get into the left lane for the left turn onto Bastanchury. 

You’ll travel down a hill with a beautiful view (all the way to LA on the day we drove it!).

Stay to the left for your next turn. You CANNOT see this playground from the street.

You will turn left onto Silver Pine Street which jogs in front of a gated housing development across from Fairway Isles Drive.

The big parking lot is obvious in front of you. Drive towards the bottom of the hill for the playground.  MAP TO FULLERTON SPORTS COMPLEX PLAYGROUND

playground under shade cover with bark play surface and Fullerton Sports Complex playing fields in the background


SHADE, glorious SHADE! The Fullerton Sports Complex playground is completely covered and always shady! It really makes a difference on a sunny summer day.

It’s still a climbing playground with lots of opportunities for balancing and climbing.

pedestals and clmibing apparatus on the playground at Fullerton Sports Complex with picnic tables and lawn area in the background

The navy blue merry-go-round actually spins pretty good and you can ride it in a sitting position.

The red spiderweb rope climber will be a draw.

red spiderweb climber between 6 metal poles and a merry-go-round in the background

The recycled rubber play surface is gone and it’s now all bark. I know many will be disappointed in this since it was a good spot to spread out picnic blankets on the rubber surface and hang in the shade.

The whole structure seems taller, but maybe that’s because it’s more standard and made out of metal?

There are only two slides now, although a few creative opportunities to get up to them with some ladders and netting. I noticed there’s already a dip in the bark at the end of the bigger slide so be aware the drop might be longer than you think.

main playground with a navy blue slide and shiny metal corkscrew and stairs on a bark play surface under a brown shade cover

One regular swing and one swing-with-me swing. I have a list of other parks in Orange County that have some version of this kind of swing where you can swing with your child.

one regular bench swing and one swing-with-me swing which has room for a baby and a parent or sibling to swing along

Trails lead off from the base of this park if you follow the sidewalk down through the ball fields. You can hike to see the dam or to see the creek.

The trails go up to Brea Dam and to tunnels under Bastanchury leading to the Fullerton Golf Course. Just use the buddy system and be aware of fast-moving mountain bikers on the dirt path.

Also, be aware that the horse ranch you’ll pass is private property and best viewed from afar.

circular sign that says "Welcome: this play equipment is recommended for children ages 5-12 years. Adult supervision is recommended" with a Miracle logo and the playground in the background

Be Aware:

The structure is rated for 5-12 year olds and there are definitely plenty of drop points if your toddler is brave.

Because this playground is at a sports complex, I imagine it could be very busy on the weekends when kid sports are in full swing. It was surprisingly busy, but manageable when we’ve visited.

If you park in the first lot you’ll have a bit of a walk to get to the playground. Beyond the first lot you can follow a street down to the lower area of the complex, which is where the play area is and park right near the playground if spots are available.

There used to be a massive sign with rules of all the things you CAN’T do at this park. One of them happened to be climbing on the slope. However, that appeared to be the #1 activity for the kids playing.  There’s lots of room for exploring and nature walks around the playing fields when games are not in session.

one green metal bench and 3 picnic tables spaced out on concrete pads at the lawn area behind the Fullerton Sports Complex playground


Parks Nearby Fullerton Sports Complex Playground:

Originally published in December 2010.

Views of the old playground that I’m missing now that it’s been replaced in March 2021.