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Plaza Park in Irvine: Where the Asparagus Grows

Plaza Park in Irvine: Where the Asparagus Grows

Plaza Park in Irvine is bound to become known as “Tractor Park” or “Asparagus Park.” I can’t wait to hear what names your kids make up.

Did YOU realize there is an asparagus stalk in the City of Irvine logo? Yeah, neither did I!

Plaza Park sign about "A rich history in agriculture" in the foreground with a blue tractor built into a play structure with 2 bench swings and another play structure visible

How to Get to Plaza Neighborhood Park: This part was really hard for Apple Maps. I tried to visit this park on two occasions and the navigator took me in the wrong direction. The easiest directions are to take Culver Drive (from I-5 or I-405) and turn on Warner. The park is at the corner of Warner and Paseo Westpark. The parking lot is only reachable from the Paseo Westpark side. (Park Address: 610 Paseo Westpark, Irvine, CA) MAP TO PLAZA NEIGHBORHOOD PARK IN IRVINE


I love that the park is sunken below street level. It just makes it feel more cozy and intimate. It’s almost a better boundary than fencing for some kids.

The official name is Plaza Neighborhood Park (even though the sign says Plaza Park) and it pays tribute to Irvine’s agricultural history. You’ll see how when you get there!

Do you see the oranges and white orange blossoms designed into the recycled rubber surfacing? I love that touch!

Plaza Park in Irvine 5-12 year old play area on a recycled rubber surface decorated with orange and orange blossoms with a swing set on the left and 2 orange tree climbers on the right. Central is play structure with blue tractor and shade sail.

The big kid playground (5-12 year olds) has lots of climbers and the tractor along with a swingset with two bench swings.

I predict the big blue tractor with a slide coming out of it will be the first to catch your child’s interest.

There are asparagus climbers and orange tree climbers that I’ve never seen at ANY other park, of course. Soooooo cool!

a beige sign with black block writing reads "asparagus" with what appears to be large stalks of asparagus growing up towards the shade sail on the playground (actually climbers for kids)

The little kid playground (2-5 year olds) is right there in the center of things, too.

2 diggers/excavators in separate sand areas on either side of the structure.

At some parks, you really don’t want your 2-5 year old to even attempt the 5-12 year old structure (or your 6 year old might find the younger kid structure less interesting). I imagine kids of all ages will move between these naturally.

Plaza Park 2-5 year old play structure with view from the back of a bench towards the smaller play equipment with sand areas along the edges, an orange digger/excavator, and green slide under a blue shade sail.

There are two benches by each of the play areas for easy viewing of kids. I can see parents might want to sit up on the slope on the grass, as well.

The orange crates/labels and farmer’s market storefront is such a great feature for those kids who love the restaurant/shop pretend play games.

what looks like a mini Farmer's Market stand with orange crates stacked nearby which also serve as steps to access the structure

There is a really nice covered picnic area in between the parking lot and the park — which makes it really easy to set up a party or have a barbecue (because it’s not far to the car).

There are also 2 charcoal grills at each end with a hot ash disposal bin.

There are even more picnic tables and grills set among the trees up on the hill closer to the restroom building.

metal picnic tables on concrete pads in a grassy area under trees with trash receptacles and charcoal grills sprinkled throughout

Lots of shade from all the trees surrounding the park. Smaller shade sails over the playground structures directly on the playground.

covered picnic area with lots of 4-person tables that have built-in benches. 2 grills, a hot coals bin and a trash bin at either end

Finally, Warner feels like the halfway point along Culver Drive.

So for restaurants, you are close to the Crossroads shopping area on Barranca (Target, Peet’s Coffee, Stonefire Grill, Chipotle, Tastetea) which also has a whole food court type set-up with Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, Southern Spice, Paris Baguette, Capital Noodle Bar, Sagami, Flame Broiler, DonerG and probably more.

Near Islands Restaurant on the other side of Culver from Crossroads.

If you are coming from the direction of I-5, you have that whole restaurant area at Culver and I-405 or even Trader Joe’s.

And, you also have the option of going to nearby The District at Tustin Legacy or the Mess Hall Market at FLIGHT which has really nice outdoor deck for dining.

Be Aware:

  • Plaza Vista School is nearby and impacts traffic in the area at school drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Parking could also be impacted by games or practices being held at the sports field beyond the restroom building
  • The climbers are awesome, but if you are nervous you may feel a little hesitant to let your kids get too high off the ground or attempt the different level of difficulty.
  • Warner is on one side of this park at a point where speeds are down because of stop signs and traffic lights. It’s also pretty easy to keep a visual on the kids and the natural slope creates a barrier.
  • Sand on recycled rubber can be slippery
  • No baby swings
restroom building at Plaza Park in Irvine with a perspective that shows how close the playground is through the trees.


"be free to dream" stamped on concrete at the entrance to the playground

Parks Nearby Plaza Park in Irvine:

orange structure with blue tractor and sycamore tree on an artwork designed to be pinned to Pinterest reading Plaza Park Irvine