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Eastside Park in Yorba Linda: Sits on a Hilltop with a View

Eastside Park in Yorba Linda: Sits on a Hilltop with a View

Eastside Park in Yorba Linda sits atop a hill with an amazing view of the valley below. It has super fun play structures with plenty of slides and fun play panels galore!

Directions to Eastside Park in Yorba Linda: Exit the 91 at Yorba Linda Blvd/S. Weir Canyon and drive toward Yorba Linda Blvd.  Make a right on New River Road. The train tracks will be in front of you at the stop sign. Turn left onto Esperanza Road and make your first left onto Eastside Circle. Drive up the hill past the Catholic school and you will reach the parking lot for Eastside Park. (It shows up on some maps as “Jean Woodward Park,” but the signs at the entrance and signs on the playground equipment say “Eastside Park.”  (The address of the Catholic school just down the hill from the park  is 5330 Eastside Circle, Yorba Linda). MAP TO EASTSIDE PARK IN YORBA LINDA


  • The larger structure has dueling slides that curve out and away from each other, and I had a blast racing my toddler down them.
  • The smaller toddler structure is just perfect – not very high off the ground but still plenty of fun. I didn’t feel like I needed to be “right there” the whole time to make sure my son was okay.
  • Fun little play house with a table and benches. My son spent some time in there while enjoying a snack, and he loved it.
  • Silly little seats that appear to just exist to sit on and spin in a circle. We had a lot of fun with these.
  • Grassy areas on either side of the playground area for free play.
  • The recycled rubber play surface (a.k.a., squishy ground area) is very large. There were kids taking advantage of this and riding their bikes and trikes all around.
  • There is a concrete path that goes off around a large grassy area and some baseball diamonds that looked great for bikes and trikes as well.
  • Fun looking spider web type climbing structure, as well as, a rock structure for climbing.

Be Aware:

  • Another Yorba Linda park where you’re up high on a hill completely exposed to the sun. Not the place to be on a hot day. No shade over the play structures, but there is a shaded picnic area for some relief from the sun.
  • There are baseball diamonds and a snack stand which makes me think this could be a very, very busy place to be on youth sport days.


  • Ample parking in dedicated lot.
  • Play surface is completely recycled rubber – no sand or bark.
  • Baseball diamonds abound.
  • Picnic tables and grills right near the playground
  • Restrooms in the white building with green/blue doors.
  • Drinking fountain near the playground.
  • Big shaded picnic shelter for larger groups.
  • Official City of Yorba Linda website for park reservations
  • Nearby public library branch: Yorba Linda Public Library

Nearby parks:

Originally posted in July 2010.


Monday 5th of September 2011

My family and I visited this park this evening. It was GREAT!! My baby frills just started walking independently in the last few days, so this was the first park she was able to explore while on two feet... There was so much to do she didn't know what todo with herself! She climbed all over the toddler area, spending lots of time with the mirrors, abacus, and blocks on a rod that she flipped around. There was a steering wheel and a very fun musical pipe thing that she kept tugging on to make them chime. She laughed so hard while playing with everything! I loved this park for all the fun it offered my little one. The squishy rubber surface made reduced my nervousness as she took all of her wobbly steps. My only complaint: it was a sizzling 96 degrees while we were there (between 5-6pm), and very few areas to hide in the shade. I will return to this park, but i will wait until it's cooler outside. Great park! Side note: as we were driving up the hill to the park, we noticed another park in another neighborhood down below. After our playtime at the eastside park, we drove down there to explore. We found the park, and what do you know.... It was Jean Woodward park! It's an entirely separate park from eastside, not connected at all. I didn't see an address, but it was on granby. No restrooms, very small, parking on the street only, no swings, bark play surface, equipment was listed as 5-12 years old, no fence. Just an FYI. I took a picture from my car and will be happy to email it to you if you are interested.

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