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Pattinson Park in Huntington Beach

Pattinson Park in Huntington Beach

Pattinson Park in Huntington Beach was renovated in 2023. I hadn’t visited since the new play structures had been installed. It’s a great refresh with Earthscape Playgrounds structures that make it a little different from other playgrounds out there.

I realized I’d actually been to this park before after grabbing a dinner picnic from Miguel’s Jr off Beach Blvd when I pitched the idea of a blog post pairing that restaurant with parks. They provided the meal and I wrote the post. The playground wasn’t anything remarkable back then, but the re-do is definitely notable.

Directions to Pattinson Park in Huntington Beach: The park is between Goldenwest and Seapoint in Huntington Beach off Palm Avenue which parallels Pacific Coast Highway (just a few blocks inland). It’s best to approach from Seapoint, so you will be facing the correct direction for parking in the small lot or along the street on the right side of the street where the park is located. It’s across the street from SeaCliff Country Club. (Park Address: 6200 Palm Avenue, Huntington Beach) MAP TO PATTINSON PARK IN HUNTINGTON BEACH


The playground surface features ocean colors and it’s compact so you can see the kids playing from the nearby benches under the trees.

You can get cooler beach weather here because it is just blocks from the beach.

Huge blue tunnel slide is the big feature of the play area.

Of course, you know I love the logs for balancing and playing!

The horizontal rope climbers a.k.a. spiderwebs are a fun element.

Pretend play will definitely be happening in the clubhouse with a toddler size double slide and chalkboard on the walls. This area also has its own toddler size logs for playing.

2 bench swings, 2 baby swings (however, when I visited the weekend of the Pacific Airshow, the swings were temporarily out of service).

Huge covered picnic gazebo for parties or large groups.

Large grassy area also has scattered picnic tables where you can eat a little away from the main action at the playground. Great place to play frisbee or catch.

Be Aware:

  • NO restrooms
  • The playground is right off the parking lot and the grassy areas are near the street.
  • The lawn and picnic area is away from the playground, so if you have one child who wants to be at the playground and the other wants to be at the basketball court it will be hard to keep track of everyone.
  • The TALL tower has some challenges for younger kids to climb up in there. It’s not easy for parents to accompany little ones up there on the rung ladder and the netting to get to the slides may be wide for little feet and legs that might slip through. That’s why playground equipment is either rated for 5-12 year olds or 2-5 year olds. This tower is more for the 5-12 year old range, although it has some lower climbers and a gray slide that works for younger kids.
  • Weather can be cooler than inland since it’s near the beach. Bring a jacket!
  • While I was there early on a Saturday morning, a fitness instructor was setting up for a class — so you may occasionally run into this. But I feel like this happens at many parks now.


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There is also a video by Dave Bang Associates featuring the full playground build from start to finish in 1 minute.