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Seminole Park in Laguna Niguel for Picnics in the Shade

Seminole Park in Laguna Niguel for Picnics in the Shade

We planned our visit to Seminole Park in Laguna Niguel to enjoy a lazy picnic.  It was a beautiful spot in a neighborhood with shade trees.

grassy area with trees and playground in the distance

How to Get to Seminole Park in Laguna Niguel:  Exit Interstate 5 at Crown Valley Parkway and head towards the beach.  You’ll drive quite a while before reaching Niguel Road where you will make a left.  After you pass Marina Hills Drive, you will turn right onto August Drive.  The park is at the corner of Augusta Drive and Seminole Place.  (Address: 30802 Seminole Place, Laguna Niguel) MAP TO SEMINOLE PARK IN LAGUNA NIGUEL

playground structure with slides, rock climbers, and a ranger station window


  • The neighborhood and the shade trees were definitely the highlights.
  • The play equipment is newly installed with a treehouse/ranger station theme.
  • A cute log shaped slide at one end and a twisty slide at the other.
  • A little bridge linking some of the play elements.
  • 2 baby swings and 2 bench swings.
  • Lots of spinners: egg-shaped, standing, and bucket spinners.
view of park with bench and bucket spinner on recycled rubber surface with trees in background
  • Two picnic tables on the playground with benches strategically placed for good viewing of the kids.
  • It’s somewhat close to the beach, so the weather is a bit cooler than inland.
  • The park is more appropriate for 2-5 year olds vs. the 5-12 year olds. Readers are always asking for “good toddler parks” and this one fits the bill.
swingset with bench swings and baby swings at Seminole Park playground

Be Aware:

  • Several people brought their dogs to the park while we visited, but stayed away from the playground
  • NO restrooms
  • It’s not a busy street at all, but the playground is on the street side.
  • Not easily accessible from the freeway.
  • Full sun on playground at midday.
  • It looked like kids play on the hill beyond the playground making shelters and building with the eucalyptus branches, but there are signs saying “No Trespassing – Private Property” even at points where it looks like there should be a trail.
  • Also, even though they just updated the park – it’s strangely themed with the Seminole name (I guess because the street is Seminole?) and there are feathers designed into the play surface. Isn’t this kind of representation of Native Americans what we’re trying to correct?
tree log steps and log slide at playground with background view of grass


  • Parking on the street
  • Play surface: recycled rubber
  • NO restrooms
  • Picnic tables near the playground, but it’s in full sun. We ate on a blanket in the grass but you’d want to make sure it’s not in an area where dog owners are bringing their pets.
  • Official City of Laguna Niguel website
  • Nearest public library branch: Laguna Niguel Public Library

Nearby Parks:

Originally published in August 2011.