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Hidden Hills Park in Laguna Niguel

Hidden Hills Park in Laguna Niguel

Hidden Hills Park in Laguna Niguel is the first park I’ve visited with absolutely no sand.  There are days when you’re ready to let the kids get dirty and bury themselves in sand.

This park is a perfect stop  for when you’re heading on to another activity where the kids need to be cleaner and sand-free. It’s one of those easy parks.

Directions to Hidden Hills Park in Laguna Niguel: Take Moulton/Golden Lantern and turn onto Hidden Hills Road.  Make a right onto Springwood.  Park is on the right-hand side with parking available on Springwood. (Park Address: 27802 Springwood, Laguna Niguel)  MAP to Hidden Hills Park in Laguna Niguel


Playground equipment offers plenty of climbing opportunities on both the little and big kid equipment. 

Big kid equipment: There is a rock wall and various platform type ladders. There’s a spiral slide and a steep vertical slide. You’ll also find a short dual slide for races. Otherwise, there is climbing opportunities on various ladders.

All the moms loved the preschool equipment for 2-5 year olds.  The slides are perfectly-sized for little ones who like to climb back up the slide after sliding down.  My 2 year old also found the slides to be perfect for racing his matchbox cars!

Since all the moms in our playgroup have toddlers who love to eat sand or preschoolers who love to bury themselves in sand, we were thrilled with the recycled rubber play surface.  Although my little ones love playing in sand, I enjoyed not having to go through the process of emptying shoes before climbing into the car!

2 baby swings and 1 accessible swing near the preschooler play equipment.

Standing teeter totter is always a huge hit.

The park sits far back from the street.  There is plenty of grassy area to run around without worrying about kids straying into the street.

There are shaded shelters with picnic tables that allow you watch the kids while sitting down. 

There are also shaded benches surrounding the play area.

Be Aware:

  • The big kid equipment is very high up.  Although there are plenty of closed off areas at the top, there are also some openings for the ladders that made me nervous.
  • I had a hard time helping my 2 year old climb the rock wall since it went all the way to the top of the big kid equipment.  Even on my tip-toes, I couldn’t help my son get to the opening for him to crawl onto the equipment.
  • The slides on the big kid equipment are steep.  I was amazed (and nervous) with how fast some of the kids were coming down the slides.
  • Look out for the signs that say “Permit Parking Only 10PM-6AM” which makes the road along the park pretty crowded first thing in the morning.
  • Definitely road noise from the busy Golden Lantern / Moulton Parkway that passes right by.


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Originally published in December 2009.