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40+ Parks Without Recycled Rubber Playground Surfaces in Orange County

40+ Parks Without Recycled Rubber Playground Surfaces in Orange County

Readers want to know about fenced parks and parks without sand — but this is the first time a reader requested to get a list of parks WITHOUT recycled rubber playground surfaces in Orange County. I could just as well have named this “parks WITH wood chips” or “sand-only parks.” But I suspect parents aren’t typing in those search terms. (I’ve found those who say they dislike sand and wood chips – actually DESPISE sand and wood chips)!

I can’t guarantee that these are all current, because when playgrounds are improved this type of surfacing is usually one of the first things to be added. So please help me keep this list up-to-date by reporting back on any play surface changes from when you are out playing. I’m going to list parks where roughly 90% of the play surface is not recycled rubber. Most have no rubber surfacing. A few have an accessible ramp made with the rubber material that leads down into the wood chip or sand play area.

Pictured above: Tamarisk Park in Lake Forest

Parks in North County:

Bigonger Park in Yorba Linda

Parks in Central County:

Pioneer Road Park Tustin covered wagon
Pioneer Road Park in Tustin

Parks in South County:

Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano

Thanks to the readers who helped me come up with some of these parks for the list. Remember to email me at play [at] funorangecountyparks [dot] com if the play surface is different than what I’ve listed here.

Originally published in June 2017.