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La Veta Park: A Favorite Off Chapman Avenue

La Veta Park: A Favorite Off Chapman Avenue

La Veta Park sits tucked back in a neighborhood off Chapman Avenue in Orange. Thanks to the special visitor for a recommendation that was so detailed, I was able to use almost every word! When we went for our photo trip – my daughter met a little playmate and I got the scoop from another local mom. Apparently, Grijalva and this park are favorites in this area of Orange. It even has a nickname: The Nanny Park.

Location: Very easy to find off Chapman Avenue. From the 55 Freeway, take the Chapman Ave EAST exit. Turn right on Esplanade and then right on La Veta. The park is about a block ahead on your right. If you are taking Chapman Avenue from Jamboree in Tustin/Irvine, take a left on Esplanade. [Address: 3705 East La Veta Ave, Orange] MAP to La Veta Park in Orange

Recommended by: A Fun OC Parks Reader


  • A fantastic play ground just for little kids from ages 2 – 5 years old with this huge structure with at least six different kinds of slides, things to climb on, and climb through.
  • This park has a fence separating the street from the playground and the park is small enough that you can see unobstructed across the entire park — so if your little one feels inclined to run freely across the lawn, they will not vanish from sight.
  • Swings are nice (2 baby swings and 2 bench swings).
  • Rocking horse type of gizmos that look like a horse, a dolphin, and two others.
  • A large covered area for picnics that has electricity (someone was there having a party with a bounce house).

Be Aware:

  • The park is not fully fenced so you want to watch your little ones – La Veta is a wide and somewhat busy street.
  • Also on the play structure they do have openings that are a couple of feet off the ground so if your child is not skilled at climbing they will need help.
  • Not much parking.
  • Can be extremely busy on the weekends and gets hot after about 11am.


  • Parking on the street only
  • Bark play surface
  • Restrooms and drinking fountain right near the street.
  • Shade from big trees in the morning – especially liked the tree and bench right near the front of the playground
  • Easy to view kids and plenty of places for the adults to sit.
  • 3 cement slabs which looked like basketball courts, but no hoops. Maybe for badminton or volleyball? Maybe for a large tent or banners? Who knows?
  • Here’s a link to the flyer from the City of Orange, if you want a place to have a nice party.