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Sycamore Park in Anaheim

Sycamore Park in Anaheim

Sycamore Park in Anaheim is tucked away in a residential area in Anaheim Hills. There is plenty of room to roam here with a sidewalk looping around a large grassy field that is peppered with beautiful trees.

Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of birds as you take in the beautiful views of the surrounding hills.

How to Get to Sycamore Park in Anaheim:  From the 91 freeway exit at Yorba Linda Blvd/Weir Canyon Road and head south. Make a right onto East Monte Vista Road. The park will come up quickly on your left. [Address: 8268 Monte Vista Road in Anaheim] MAP TO SYCAMORE PARK IN ANAHEIM


  • Brand new, brightly-colored play equipment that encourages climbing and exploring
  • Super fun person-powered spinning element, with two stories inside for sitting – large enough for an adult to easily hang out on the lower level while being spun around by kids (I totally tested this!)
  • Two play structures – one for larger kids and one for smaller kids. The smaller structure still requires a good amount of coordination to fully enjoy.
  • There is a serious amount of open grassy space here. Perfect for just running and roaming all over. Bring a soccer ball to give the kids something to run after. Kites would be great here as well.
  • There are many picnic tables here as well as great spots for picnic blankets. This would be a nice place to bring lunch.
  • Two bench and two baby swings.

Be Aware:

  • While there are restrooms here, please do be aware that there are no doors on the individual stalls within the building. I always go in with my kids and act as the door. I would not use this type of restroom if I was alone.
  • Due to the nature of this play equipment, it would be difficult for children that don’t have strong climbing skills to get around on the equipment.
  • The larger play structure could be difficult for a parent to navigate if a child ended up needing help near the top.


Nearby Parks:

Originally published in November 2012.