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Creekside Park in Dana Point

Creekside Park in Dana Point

Creekside Park in Dana Point sits right off of Stonehill Drive near Interstate 5. Many call it Stonehill Park. It’s super easy for freeway access and very near Dana Point Harbor.

creekside park dana point - playground overview

I used to describe this park as the one with the climbing wall, but since its update in 2016 it’s more of a climbing and spinning park with multiple opportunities to do both!

This is still one of those parks which feels like it has different rooms for the kids to wander.

creekside park dana point - play houses and swings

How to Get to Creekside Park in Dana Point: On Stonehill between Camino Capistrano and Del Obispo along the San Juan Creek Trail. (Address: 25743 Stonehill Drive, Dana Point) MAP to Creekside Park in Dana Point


  • Big windy tunnel slide and open spaces
  • Climbing wall, spiderweb, and thick tightrope close to the ground with rocks at either end are a big draw
  • Lots of different kinds of spinners
creekside park dana point - spinners
  • Lots of space for horizontal climbing and stepping stone balancing
  • A central, smaller play area for toddlers with a teeter-totter, train slide, and play panel (which used to have a little picket fence to separate it from the areas, but that’s gone and now it just feels separate because of the recycled rubber surfacing).
  • Also a transitional play equipment (between toddlers and school age) with a small slide and also what looks like a carousel, but is actually a large spring toy that bobs instead of spins
  • 2 small clubhouses in the sand for pretend play
  • Close to the beach and freeway – so nice breezes and easy access
  • 2 baby swings in toddler area, structure for 2 bench swings (but none present at the moment)
  • Parents will like the many places to sit and watch the kids – I especially like that the benches are interspersed with big boulders making it have a more natural feel
  • Half basketball court
  • Shade covers over picnic tables near toddler area and baby swings, plus smaller shade sails over bigger play structures
  • Great park to bike or walk to if you live in the area since the bike trail is accessible from here (or park here to bike or walk to Dana Point Harbor, Doheny Beach, or even Del Obispo Park). Don’t attempt to cross the street here – the bike trail makes it very easy to pass underneath busy Stonehill to catch up with the path across the street.
creekside park dana point - disc and smaller playground

Be Aware:

  • I’ve experienced a small bee swarm and a few annoying gnats from the creek
  • Fairly isolated and accessible to outsiders from the bike trail (if you come here alone)
  • Some find it difficult with 2 or more small children – because 2 separate play areas can make close supervision difficult
creekside park dana point - rope climbers and rock climbers


Nearby parks:

creekside park dana point - picnic tables

Originally published September 2009.

Creekside Park in Dana Point



Tuesday 9th of July 2013

My child left her scooter and helmet here. I know there is little chance of actually getting it back, however, is there a number I can call to see if anyone picked it up and perhaps turned it into a lost and found?


Wednesday 27th of January 2010

BEWARE of 6 y.o.'s getting locked in public restrooms! This was a new one to me, but an innocent enough situation where a perfectly capable 6 y.o. locked the single use restroom lock for privacy and then could NOT unlock it by himself....While the parent stood outside to reassure the child help was on the way, the child eventually unlocked the door after 5+ scary minutes. I think I'll be standing by the restroom for privacy purposes vs. encouraging my youngster to lock the door after witnessing this story with a luckily happy ending....

Just Spotted

Tuesday 15th of September 2009

Can't Wait to check it out! As always, a great review!

xoxo, K


Monday 14th of September 2009

I was actually at this park a couple of weeks ago with the kids! Great review. Glad to see your page on FB! :)

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