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Mountain View Park in Lake Forest

Mountain View Park in Lake Forest

Mountain View Park in Lake Forest is hidden behind a housing community and is slightly off any major roads. 

We have visited this park during the week and towards the end of our visit we were the only people at the park so we enjoyed listening to the birds sing.  

Since it isn’t on a major street you don’t have to compete with any road traffic or noise.

Directions to Mountain View Park in Lake Forest: The park is off Interstate 5 in Lake Forest between Lake Forest Drive and El Toro Road (inland, on the mountain side of the interstate). Exit at Lake Forest Drive and turn right on Muirlands. Turn right on Dylan from Muirlands. Park on Dylan Avenue at Lipton Street in front of the park. (Address: 24061 Dylan Avenue, Lake Forest) MAP TO MOUNTAIN VIEW PARK IN LAKE FOREST


Three play areas, one for the toddlers and two for the big kids. The “treehouse” and “monkey bar” playgrounds are for the big kids. Then there is a toddler area with 4 baby swings.

  • My son loves the tree house themed playground, and the sand box is a close second.
  • HUGE sandbox with a shade covering
  • Each time we have visited the park the other park visitors are friendly — and the park has been clean.
  • Lots of places to climb and several slides
  • Shade coverings over play areas and lots of trees and grass
  • Lots of benches to sit on around the play areas
  • Workout equipment for the adults
  • 4 baby swings, 4 bench swings and a 1 tire swing
  • LOTS of grass to run around in
  • Long walking path
  • Park sits away from the road so when we have visited the park it is very quiet and peaceful

Be Aware:

  • Playgrounds are spread out and could be stressful watching two or more kids especially if they want to be on separate playgrounds.
  • Baby swings, bench swings, and tire swings are all on separate playgrounds so it could be difficult to monitor children of different ages that want to swing at the same time.
  • 3 pretty major drop points at the top of the treehouse if you have a little one going up there. It’s really built for the 5-12 age group. You should be up there with kids who are younger because there is a firepole, ladder, and rock formation opening which could lead to big falls, especially if there are also big kids up there vying for space.
  • Also, a mom messaged me to say: “That slide shoots them out so fast and it’s a high drop on the end!”
  • Finally, from a mom who lives near this park said: “I unfortunately don’t always feel safe especially if I am alone with my kids.” When I (Michele) was at the park on bright sunny morning in 2023 at 9am, the tennis courts were full of people, there were some walkers at the park, a landscaper working on the irrigation, and one man sitting alone and talking on his phone near the middle playground. When I walked by we had a friendly exchange of greetings. I didn’t have any of those unsafe feelings being there by myself, but I always like to share your experiences because it just reminds you to trust your gut at ANY park if something seems amiss. You get to make the choice to visit, but I like when you have all the information. (And that’s why I re-visit and re-post parks to get feedback from you because even though the parks equipment might stay the same, the experience can change over the years.


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Contributed by Volunteer Park Reporter: Kristin Hallett is the mom of two children (ages 2 & 6).  She loves taking them to new parks, and also playing at favorite parks.  She says: “A good day is a day when my kids are covered head to toe in dirt, and totally sticky with juice, sand, and crumbs but smiling ear to ear as we played all morning or afternoon at the park.”

Photo Credit: Kristin Hallett

Originally published in April 2016.


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