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Over 15 Playgrounds with Nearby Walking Trails in Orange County

Over 15 Playgrounds with Nearby Walking Trails in Orange County

There are over 15 playgrounds nearby walking trails in Orange County to inspire you to get outdoors and go exploring. Whenever we go to playgrounds, I’m always looking for somewhere to stroll. The playgrounds I picked for this post have walking trails RIGHT off the playground. You only have to park once and then walk into nature — or onto a walking path — or hiking trail. (Park pictured: Oso Viejo Park in Mission Viejo – see details in the parks list below).

I originally created this post to promote Kids to Parks Day in 2017. Here’s a little video inspiration:

Remember to stay aware of your surroundings and, if possible, never walk alone. Use the buddy system for your safety!

Orange County Playgrounds Nearby Walking Trails

Concourse Park in Portola Hills

Walking trail is off the back of the playground and leads into Whiting Ranch wilderness trails.

  • Trail Distance: Walk for miles!
  • Trail Surface: Dirt

Lake Forest Park in Lake Forest

Very small playground leads to walks under eucalyptus.

  • Trail Distance: Short stroll
  • Trail Surface: Dirt

Serrano Creek Park in Lake Forest

Very nearby, Serrano Creek Park also has a path beneath eucalyptus groves.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll
  • Trail surface: Sidewalk

Pico Park and Canyon View Park in San Clemente

Both playgrounds lead right to groomed trails with views of the ocean and stairs if you want them. (Find out more about Sea Summit Trail in San Clemente).

  • Trail distance: Short stroll or easy exploring
  • Trail surface: Decomposed granite

Alta Laguna Park in Laguna Beach

This park links up with Aliso & Wood Canyons trails and Laguna Coast Wilderness.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll from playground to Carolyn Wood Knoll – connects to wider trail to “walk for miles!”
  • Trail surface: Dirt

Linda Lane Park and North Beach Playground in San Clemente

Linda Lane sits in a grassy area at the top of a hilly beach parking lot in San Clemente. Hike down the hill to catch up with the trail. Or park at the north end of the trail and head south from North Beach.

  • Trail distance: About a mile to the San Clemente pier from North Beach and then another mile south to Calafia Beach.
  • Trail surface: Decomposed granite and some boardwalk above the train tracks

Canyon View Park in Aliso Viejo

Past the playground, walk to trails leading into Aliso & Wood Canyons.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll around perimeter sidewalk connects to downhill hike into the canyon where you can walk for miles (but, remember,  you have to walk up again!)
  • Trail surface: Dirt

El Conejo Park in Laguna Hills

Leads to trails to the giant LH on the hill behind Ralphs grocery store. You’ll gain elevation on this dirt trail.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll or exploring the hill trail
  • Trail surface: Dirt

Chapparosa Park in Laguna Niguel

You can go all the way to Salt Creek Beach or up the hill on a paved trail to a whole network of possibilities. (Find out more about Salt Creek Trail).

  • Trail distance: Short stroll or walk for miles!
  • Trail surface: Dirt & paved

Crown Valley Park in Laguna Niguel

Winding trails of Niguel Botanic Gardens above the playground.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll
  • Trail surface: Dirt & varied

Coastal Peak Park in Newport Coast

Leads to Pacific Ridge Trailhead and connects to Bommer Canyon below.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll or walk for miles!
  • Trail surface: Dirt & varied

Oso Viejo Park to Pavion Park in Mission Viejo

Perfect blend of paved and trails plus the ability to walk all the way up to Pavion Park through the Jeronimo Open Space. Maybe one of my favorite playgrounds nearby walking trails scenarios because both playgrounds are exceptional and reachable by walking along the Oso Creek Trail and into the Jeronimo Open Space. (Find out more about Oso Creek Trail).

  • Trail distance: Short stroll or walk for a couple of miles!
  • Trail surface: Paved with some areas of dirt trail


Cedar Grove Park in Tustin

A trail that leads up to Peters Canyon Park.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll or walk for miles up to Peters Canyon
  • Trail surface: Dirt

Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin

A very short trail that leads up the citrus hill to a lookout.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll
  • Trail surface: Dirt

Hart Park in Orange

Walk along the creek on the paved bike trail.

  • Trail distance: Short stroll or bring your bikes
  • Trail surface: Paved bike path

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Originally posted in April 2017.

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