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Over 15 Playgrounds with Nearby Walking Trails in Orange County

Over 15 Playgrounds with Nearby Walking Trails in Orange County

There are over 15 playgrounds nearby walking trails in Orange County to inspire you to get outdoors and go exploring. Whenever we go to playgrounds, I’m always looking for somewhere to stroll. (Park pictured: Oso Viejo Park in Mission Viejo – see details in the parks list below).

Remember to stay aware of your surroundings and, if possible, never walk alone. Use the buddy system for your safety!

Orange County Playgrounds Near Walking Trails

The playgrounds I picked for this list have walking trails RIGHT off the playground. You only have to park once and then walk into nature — or onto a walking path — or hiking trail from the playground.

Also, these ideas are NOT meant for a full-on hike. It's more of a way to extend the playground play by going to observe something in nature nearby. These trails make it easy to make some nature discoveries!

OC Parks Regional Parks with Playgrounds Nearby Hiking Trails

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Originally posted in April 2017.