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Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin: Old Days of Orange Sparkle in Yellow and Green

Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin: Old Days of Orange Sparkle in Yellow and Green

Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin was probably the most recommended park back in 2010.

It’s opening in February 2010 was eagerly awaited by many, since the playground was finished and visible long before the park opened.

The playground photos are mostly from 2010 and the playground remains the same – however, the trees and landscaping have filled in to make it feel more lush and provide shade. As of March 2024, the sand could use some depth and the rubber surfacing needs a facelift, but it’s mostly true the photos in this post.

citrus ranch park tustin - double slides

Directions to Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin: Exit Interstate 5 at Jamboree (Tustin Marketplace – the mega shopping area with mega purple signage. Head east  toward the hills. Drive a few miles past the retail area and keep your eyes out for Portola Parkway. You’ll see the playground on the corner of Portola and Jamboree. Then make a LEFT on Portola and another immediate left into the parking lot.  Once in the parking lot – the playground is on your LEFT – more picnic area to your RIGHT. (Address: 2910 Portola Parkway, Tustin, CA) MAP TO CITRUS RANCH PARK IN TUSTIN

citrus ranch park tustin - ladder


I’m a sucker for the old orange crate label theme. It’s SO California! Everywhere you look there are lemons. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a ride-on lemon.

The vista point is another “high point.” (Get it? High point?) Walk up a trail from the parking lot to the gazebo at the top. There are views in all directions. In the spring, wildflowers bloom near the top.  The groves are full of lemon trees – but signs clearly state: “No picking or collecting lemons.”

citrus ranch park tustin - gazebo

The playground is unique. You enter from a lemon-lined bridge . . . so you are already at the highest point of the playground when you start. From there, you’ll find a number of slides, monkey bars, and ladders to explore.

Once you have your feet on the ground, there are benches for viewing the kids and sand for play.

This park has a swingset with 2 bench swings and 2 baby swings.

Take a couple steps down — and past a fence that separates the big kid playground from the little kid playgroud.

It’s nice to have the physical separation of the fencing.

The little kid playground is perfect for the 2-3 year olds where you’ll find that ride-on lemon, a little clubhouse and smaller play equipment.

Picnic tables with grills line the sidewalk and lower area of the park. Large covered shelters have a bigger grill and are available for reservation for groups of 20 or more through the city (714-573-3326).

There is a meadow area and more picnic tables grouped together on the opposite side of the entrance which is really far from the playground.

Be Aware:

  • There are drop points in the bigger equipment when you walk in from the parking lot where ladders are in the center of the platforms and climbing stations come up to higher heights. So if you are coming with little ones, you’ll want to be nearby so they don’t accidentally step off the big kid equipment.
  • This was from my first visits to the park over a decade ago — you’ll have to let me know if it’s the same now! I came after school one day and the park was mobbed with middle schoolers! Yikes! Apparently it’s an easy place for parents to pick up kids from nearby schools. We also had to compete with kids riding scooters ON the play equipment which didn’t make for a safe mix. (My next visit in the morning was much more pleasant and uncrowded).
  • Every person who recommended the park to me, without exception, also mentioned how their kid or other kids found it hard to resist the temptation to chuck the lemons at other kids or into the grove. So just keep your eyes out for flying lemons. (We did NOT encounter this problem). Please do not pick the lemons, although the signs are not up in as much force.
  • A fitness class was meeting under the picnic shelter on another day we visited which slightly impacted parking.
  • There is a fence separating the kids from Jamboree – but if you’re nervous about them darting off the playground and crawling under/over the fence then just keep a close eye. Both Jamboree and Portola are rather busy!
  • The trees are so much bigger than when the park opened, but still not a ton of shade on the play area.


  • Dedicated parking lot
  • Recycled rubber and sand play surfaces
  • Drinking fountain on playground and by the restroom
  • Restrooms by main picnic area
  • Accessible access to the park is along the sidewalk from the blue placard parking spaces, but the playground itself is not really accessible
  • There are also picnic tables with barbecues if you want to have a picnic dinner at the park
  • Large picnic shelter reservations available through the City of Tustin (click here for info)
  • Official City of Tustin page about Citrus Ranch Park
  • Nearest public library: Irvine Katie Wheeler Library (OCPL branch)

Parks nearby Citrus Ranch Park in Tustin:

  • Opportunity for a nice walk. You can push a stroller up and down the hill or around the block in the neighborhood. In fact, you can easily walk between this park and Cedar Grove Park — and even head up the hill to Pioneer Road Park if you are feeling ambitious. Or you can head west on Jamboree instead towards Tustin Sports Park.  And Settler’s Park is a good walk on Portola. (All of these walks are stroller-friendly, but have major street crossings.)

Originally published in July 2010.

Photo archive of Citrus Ranch Park from February 2010


Saturday 25th of February 2017

This park was magical! I came across it by happenstance while walking my dog. I wanted to come back and spend the day picking lemons, but it seemed too good to be true that would be allowed! I kept looking for signs and finally found one saying "please don't" when I took a different path down the hill. Oh well! It's probably prettier this way!


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

This park is awesome and your review was great. It is one of our favorites now and I'm now realizing that we missed some cool spots after reading your review. I guess we have another excuse to go back.

As far as picking the lemons go, I saw the signs recently, so they're back, or still there. I assumed this was the case. But we did take some of the lemons that were on the ground and reachable from the path; these fall naturally and from looking around they mostly just rot there especially the ones that roll all the way down the hill. They make great lemonade.


Sunday 22nd of March 2015

Hi Michelle, I continue to use and love your site. We were at Citrus Park today and there were no signs posted about picking/gathering lemons. We have seen them before. Do you know if this has changed? Thank you, Stacy

Michele Whiteaker

Tuesday 24th of March 2015

Stacy -- I'd be really surprised if they changed the rule. It was most likely vandals who removed the signs. That's what I'm guessing anyways. Try calling the City and see what they say. I've called to ask questions before and they are really nice!

Thanks for reporting on it.


Saturday 2nd of March 2013

Ooops...I didn't stop to read the small print on the sign (which I saw on your slide show, but not there). We collected an arm full of lemons. I was so excited about the orchard!... and I never saw any sign at the entrance saying we couldn't pick or walk through it. It was super cool, love the orchard! I guess they need more signs.


Tuesday 22nd of January 2013

Thank you so much for providing this web site! We live in Ventura and are staying with my mother in law for a month while we are waiting for escrow to close on our house. So nice to find this valuable resource when I don't know the area very well. My 4 year old son and I are thoroughly enjoying this beautiful Citrus Ranch Park!!

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