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Linda Lane Park in San Clemente is Ocean Blue with Views

Linda Lane Park in San Clemente is Ocean Blue with Views

Linda Lane Park in San Clemente holds the distinction of being one of the few playgrounds with beach access, as well as ocean views. I also loved watching the trains go by on the tracks below us.

Directions to Linda Lane Park in San Clemente: You can walk to it off the San Clemente Beach Trail at an access point north of the pier on Linda Lane. To reach it from I-5, exit at Avenida Palizada and follow it towards the beach until you reach Encino Lane. Turn right on Encino which turns into Linda Lane.  MAP TO LINDA LANE PARK IN SAN CLEMENTE


  • It’s biggest selling point is that it’s near the beach – so you’ll enjoy beach weather and beach views
  • The equipment is brand new as of April/May 2011
  • Kids will like the whimsical colors and fish-shaped ladder on the smaller equipment
  • Swings are in between the big kid/small kid equipment. Here: two bench swings, one baby swing, and a accessible swing.
  • Watch the trains go by on the tracks below the park.
  • Take a walk on the San Clemente Beach Trail.

Be Aware:

  • We went on an especially blustery day so be prepared with windbreakers or jackets.
  • To get to the slide on the 5-12 year old equipment, kids have to climb through a “hoop ladder” which can be pretty wide for the little ones. (Thanks to my son’s orthodontist for that tip!)
  • The fire pole was a little high for my non-risk taking 5 year old.  There were also some of those funky loop ladders on the small equipment, which sometimes requires some extra supervision.
  • Pay parking at the meters (park in a spot, then go to the machine and pay $1.50 an hour). The city website says the meters at Linda Lane are for 9am-10pm.
  • You’ll be competing for parking during busy summer months.
  • The park is located on a corner and, although the traffic isn’t super busy, there’s definitely opportunities for kids darting out in the street towards the parking lot and beach.


  • Pay parking between 9am and 10pm ($1.50/hour) – you can pay by credit card
  • Recycled rubber and sand play surface
  • NO restrooms
  • Drinking fountain
  • There is a picnic area near the back of the park with concrete picnic tables
  • Lawn area and benches
  • Official City of San Clemente parks site
  • Nearest public library branch: San Clemente Public Library (we love the Friends of the Library bookstore here!)

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Originally published in May 2011.


Friday 24th of June 2011

We will visit this park soon!


Tuesday 7th of June 2011

Looking forward to checking the remodeled park out on beach days this summer! Thanks for photos!

Brian Harrison

Wednesday 1st of June 2011

Just noticed the new equipment last week from the trail. Way better than the old rusted out stuff from the 80's. The fish bridge is poorly designed; my 2 yr old got her foot stuck in the holes, potential ankle breaker for little ones. The loop bridge is also a busted chin waiting to happen (for 2 and under). Everything else is cool. It is a FUN park with sounds of crashing waves and sights of whizzing trains. Watch out for darters; cars will mow fearless exploring kids down without hesitation!!


Thursday 2nd of June 2011

Thanks for the comment, Brian! It really helps to get more perspectives than mine. (I know! That loop ladder is trouble.)

Jen {Tiny Oranges}

Monday 23rd of May 2011

This is a great park...haven't been there in a few years. Thanks for the reminder!


Monday 23rd of May 2011

Hi Michele, just wanted to let you know there is a drinking fountain there :o) Not that I would use it, but it is there.

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