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36 Favorite Picnic Spots in OC

36 Favorite Picnic Spots in OC

What started as a blog post on Father’s Day picnic spots in OC back in 2010 has morphed into my favorite picnic spots in OC! I know. I always recommend taking Father’s Day and any other holiday outdoors in Orange County. Please don’t limit yourself to this list! It’s just to get the ideas going. Pick somewhere close or go for a road trip. Just get outdoors!

When I asked you for picnic recommendations in 2024, I didn’t get much input. In fact, I got more comments like: we don’t really picnic unless we go to concerts or movies in the park. So let’s start a new dinner picnic, breakfast picnic, or any have-a-meal-outdoors picnicking trend!

Beaches, kids and family meals are made for each other.  There are playgrounds on the sand at:

Set yourself up to play with views of the shore at:

Go for a nature walk at:

Sit by a lake at:

You can picnic near pretty much ANY playground at a picnic table or by setting up a picnic blanket:

Source: White Blank Space

Easy picnic food ideas:

  • Read my post about How to Barbecue Near the Beach
  • My friend, Heejee, from White Blank Space shared this recipe in the photo above for Folded Kimbap which is the perfect picnic food
  • Bag of baby carrots and some hummus for dipping
  • Pumpernickel pretzels and pub cheese for dipping (TJs)
  • Pineapple spears (Costco)
  • Ready-made salads and sandwiches/wraps from the refrigerator section (TJs)
  • Some vintage sodas or lemonade (TJs)
  • Foot-long, ready-made sandwiches from the deli case (Ralphs, Albertsons, etc.) those big ones that feed everybody.
  • I’ve even seen people have pizza delivered for a picnic! Anything goes!

I love the TJs soft-sided coolers for easy packing.  Don’t forget towels or picnic blankets. (Can you tell I love TJs?)  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who take their kids out to play all year long!

Originally published in June 2010.

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