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Tri-City Regional Park in Placentia: See Turtles in the Lake and Dodge Waddling Waterfowl

Tri-City Regional Park in Placentia: See Turtles in the Lake and Dodge Waddling Waterfowl

Tri-City Regional Park in Placentia has a beautiful lake in the center with a path that goes around it.

There’s even a shortcut that goes across a couple of bridges that my toddler loves and runs for as soon as we start our walk.

Tri-City Park is run by the county’s OC Parks system since 2013 — and  is very near Brea Sports Park.

Directions to Tri-City Park in Placentia: Take the 57 Freeway to the Imperial Highway exit. Head in the opposite direction from Brea Mall. We came from the direction of Angels Stadium and turned right off the exit. Stay in the right lane and turn right on Kraemer Blvd. Turn right at Golden where the park entrance is very obvious. To park near the playground, make a left at the fork. (Address: 2301 N. Kraemer Blvd in Placentia) MAP TO TRI-CITY PARK IN PLACENTIA

2022 Update: This playground looks exactly the same as in these following photos, except it now has a blue recycled rubber surface (see photo above).


The lake takes the starring role over the playground which is relatively small compared to other nearby parks. The lake is even an “Orange County Historic Civil Engineering Landmark” because it used to be called the Tuffree Reservoir which held Anaheim Union Water District river water from the Santa Ana Canyon.

We’ve spotted people sailing model boats on the lake many times and it’s very fun to watch. There are even turtles in the lake! You can see them sunning themselves on the edges or see their little heads pop up while swimming. Here is some wildlife spotting we did at this park.

Fun playground that’s not too large for comfort with a toddler. There are some openings along the sides but it’s not higher than you can reach, so it feels pretty safe.

Two structures, including a smaller structure for the 2-5 year olds.

There are 2 baby and 2 bench swings next to the play structure.

Paved walking path is nice. You can do a loop or even park far away from the playground and make it a destination. There are peek-a-boo views of snow-capped mountains from the playground side of the lake if you catch it in winter after a storm.

Plenty of large, lush trees to spread out a picnic blanket under. I’ve done this myself numerous times and had some wonderful meals with the family.

There is also a new outdoor fitness equipment area if you turn to your right as you go in the entrance.

Be Aware:

  • Hot in the summer. No shade over the playground area, but there are plenty of trees just outside of the play area to cool off under.
  • There are some very aggressive geese that spend a lot of time here. If they don’t think you have food they will typically ignore you. It’s bad to feed the ducks and geese anyway, so there’s no need to run into any trouble with them.


  • There is typically an entrance/parking fee for parks, but this is an exception. This park is still managed by OC Parks, but there is no fee at this time.
  • To park near the playground, take the left fork just after you enter the park and follow the road around until you reach the parking lot.
  • Playground play surface is recycled rubber (even though the photo shows bark).
  • The walkways all around the park are paved and good for walking!
  • New fitness equipment to expand your workouts!

Originally published July 2010.

John Han

Monday 6th of February 2012

Dear people of OC

How many laps would it take for it to make 1 mile?

Mrs. Hoeller

Saturday 5th of November 2011

We have been going to Tri-City for years. During those first few months after she was born, i'd take her there to walk a couple of (get my body back) laps around the lake. We take her there to play at the playground now and we do occasionally share some snacks with the geese, ducks and birds... If you park at the little lot near the restrooms, at the main entrance.... Beware the Rooster. Yes, I said rooster. He's every bit as aggressive as the geese can be, and is usually perched high in the tree branches just above the first parking space... And yes, he drops little presents if you're parked there.

One thing no one mentioned to me was that if you go to Tri-City, you WILL leave with bird, duck, geese pooh on your shoes! It's literally everywhere! We've never picnicked here because this Momma is too grossed out.

There's often people fishing there although besides that fact, we never have do I don't know details about doing it or how the fishing goes or doesn't. But we do see fish jump a little and have Aldo seen turtles pop their heads up from the water.

The main entrance is on Kraemer Blvd., but the "back lot" right near the restrooms (and opposite of the playground & main entrance) is off of Placentia Avenue, which is parallel to Kraemer. You turn down Rollong Hills Drive. If travellonv north on Placentia towards Imperial you would turn right. Rolling Hills is a four way stop, top of the hill and you wouldn't guess there was a park hiding 2 blocks down...

Despite the pooh, this park is a family favorite and we often ride our bikes there. And if you're at Tri-City at the right time you just might here the bells or honks of the vendors...I LOVE ELOTE con todo ;)

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