Moro Beach at Crystal Cove State Park

Moro Beach at Crystal Cove State Park

Moro Beach is very confusing with all its names: El Moro, Moro Cove, or El Moro Canyon. The signage seems to indicate that they've decided on Moro Canyon Area - as a way to describe the beach, canyon, and hiking/biking trails. Whatever you want to call it, you enter near El Morro Elementary School off Pacific Coast Highway just north of Laguna Beach. And, yes, I spelled the … [Read more...]

Newport Beach Civic Center and Park: Natural Area with Stark Blue Bridges and Bizarre White Bunnies


When I think of Newport Beach, I think of sailing and the ocean. Even their city seal sports sails, fish, and the ocean. So that's why it makes sense that the architecture of the Newport Beach Civic Center and Park (NBCC) should match that vision. The roofline looks like waves and when I walk into the park the paths wind and turn in a natural rolling motion. I can see … [Read more...]

3 Best Toddler Beaches with No Waves


You want to know the best toddler beaches with no waves in OC?  And I'm going to provide you with my Top 3, but they come with a note of precaution.  Still water beaches, meaning no waves or surf, have a general propensity for water quality issues and they can also be good stingray habitat - at least along the warm sandy edges. Check Heal the Bay Beach Report Card for water … [Read more...]

Irvine Terrace Park: Ride a Fast Tunnel Slide With a Window


Irvine Terrace Park is tucked into a neighborhood along a busy section of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) near MacArthur Boulevard. This park is surprisingly serene. Views of Newport Harbor and the Pacific peek from beyond the Japanese pines and statuary in the Rotary Club garden - a little Zen corner just blocks from Fashion Island. Visit in the late afternoon and get treated to … [Read more...]

Bob Henry Park in Newport Beach

Bob Henry Park

Bob Henry Park in Newport Beach is more of a this-is-where-we-play-while-older-brother-plays-baseball kind of park.  In other words, it's not a destination playground. However, its location makes it the perfect playground to include in an all-day family outing when paired with The Environmental Nature Center and a walk around Castaways Park.  I guess you could say the corner of … [Read more...]