Cheat Sheet to Park and Beach Passes for OC Families

cheat sheet park passes

Which park passes should you buy if you are a family living in Orange County, CA? It's a question that plagues parents who wants to play outside more, but don't have the time to research every possible outing or admission price. I will try to make it easy for you. Your choices range from: Spend $0 - see FREE PLAY. Spend $55/year - County Regional and … [Read more...]

Outdoor Play Activities for California “Cold” Weather

outdoor play for cold weather

Outdoor play activities can be challenging when it's chilly. California "cold" weather isn't really that cold. Still, it's tough to convince my friends with kids to get outside and play when rain threatens or there's a blustery wind.  I guess we're spoiled by great beach and park play day weather? Outdoor time is still important any time of year. Remember how good it feels to … [Read more...]

Places for Babies to Play: A 1970s Visual Guide

places for babies to play

"Where are places for babies to play?" That's one of the top questions I get from you when you're ready for your first playground trip, but feeling unsure where to go. You know play is good for them, but the world seems so big with a little one and they can't really DO anything yet. Right? So my first bit of advice is to go where YOU want to go. The baby in these photos is … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Find New Places to Play

10 ways to find new places

To learn 10 ways to find new places to play - you first need to learn a little about your play trips guide -- ME! Read why I'm the perfect person to guide you through suggestions of new places to play and things to do outdoors in Orange County. Next - you need to know that this is NOT an official website of any government entity or nonprofit organization. It is a completely … [Read more...]

Back Bay Science Center Community Days in Newport Beach

back bay science center featured

Back Bay Science Center is open on Sundays for Community Days from 10am to 2pm -- making it the perfect destination for a bike ride along Back Bay Drive (Mountains to Sea Trail & Bikeway) from Vista Point.  It’s an open house style event with tanks to see and volunteers to help guide you through the Center’s exhibits. Directions to Back Bay Science Center: When … [Read more...]