Welcome to My New Collaboration


See these two regular, everyday moms? That’s Debi from GoExploreNature.com and me. We’ve been working on something special for you since June. Today, after hundreds of hours of preparation and months of secret excitement, we’re ready to share. Watch the video!   This new collaborative effort – “Nature. Play. Trips.” – is a team blog project between … [Read more...]

9 Things to Do When It’s Too Hot in OC

Things to Do When It's Too Hot in OC

The big headline is the HEAT. I've lived in the hot, humid, and buggy South before. And I have also lived right near Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita where the high desert sure feels like the high desert. September and October are ALWAYS the hottest months in Southern California, but I ALWAYS feel the need to get cranky and complain anyways. Things to Do When It's Too Hot in … [Read more...]

Summer of the Humpback on California’s Central Coast

San Simeon Pier

This was the Summer of the Humpback on California's Central Coast for me. I started the summer at the Family Nature Summit staying at the Asilomar in Pacific Grove. I paid a bit extra to go out whale watching on Sanctuary Cruises through the Summit.  Upon exiting Moss Landing and heading into Monterey Bay, we saw one Humpback after another!  5 hours straight of close … [Read more...]

How to Spend Your Last Days of Summer Vacation in OC

Last Days of Summer Vacation in OC

I'm counting down the end of summer vacation in OC -- not because I want school to start -- only because school is starting for us after Labor Day.  I remember being the mom without school-age kids who couldn't wait for the "big kids" to get back to school and out of my parks so we could get back to our quiet play routines. Okay, exaggerating a little, but it doesn't take much … [Read more...]

Build a Fort?

Build a Fort

My husband and I have date night almost every night. Sometimes we read. Sometimes we watch TV. Sometimes we just talk. After the kids go to bed it's just "our time." And it's basically a free date night without having the pressure of going out and making this one night the best night of the month or week. I love it and I look forward to our evenings together every day. Mr. … [Read more...]