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Superhero Playlist: You Don’t Need Superpowers to Be Super

Superhero Playlist: You Don’t Need Superpowers to Be Super

This Superhero Music Playlist should inspire little imaginations. I love that my 8 year old son came up with the title for this post. I can’t tell you how excited he gets when I make a new playlist.  I’m a music fanatic. I must have been a DJ in another life! At every stage of the game I’ve had a huge collection of: records, cassette tapes, CD’s and now a monstrous iTunes library with multiple playlists.

Music is so inspirational to my kids during their free play time!  See the superhero music artwork my son did this morning? I’m going to share these playlists with you on a regular basis now. So let’s start off with a POW! and a BANG!  This will get you and your little superheros moving.

Why I picked these songs?

  • Have a Little Fun With Me: Start off your musical play session with this song.  It’s one of my favorites by the lead singer from Toad the Wet Sprocket – Glen Philips. It will set the tone and get their imagination going.
  • Mighty Mouse: Here we come to save the day!
  • The Backyard Super Kid: Justin Roberts is a personal favorite musician. I get tears in my eyes with this one.
  • Nobody’s Bigger Than a Giant: The Backyardigans are experts at backyard imagination.
  • Spider-Man Theme: Bet you haven’t heard this version by Michael Buble!
  • Holding Out for A Hero: Another “different” version of a popular song.
  • Go Speed Racer Go: My 4 year old loves this one.
  • Batman Theme: For your inner punk rocker – from The Jam.
  • Wonder Woman: I used to have a Wonder Woman beach towel. This song is so silly.
  • Greatest American Hero Theme: Wind down time from all that action-packed play.

Hope this inspires much fun!

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