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17+ Kid Friendly Things to Do Near Dana Point Harbor

17+ Kid Friendly Things to Do Near Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor makes up a huge part of my outdoor life. One day we can be down near the Ocean Institute enjoying Baby Beach and another day we are up on the Headlands hiking down to Strands Beach.

Even though there is water all around and the bluffs are high above the surf, there are plenty of kid friendly things to do near Dana Point Harbor.

Dogs are not allowed on a lot of the beaches and nature trails, but they are allowed on leash in the harbor. And, it’s a super popular outing to bring your dog while you eat breakfast outside at Coffee Importers. Dog lovers paradise!

Kid Friendly Things to Do Near Dana Point Harbor

There are so many hikes, walks, and things to do for families visiting Dana Point Harbor. I have all these posts scattered around my blog, but when someone asks I usually send them ALL these links. It's time to have all of them in ONE place.

I have more to add! I will be updating existing posts on whale watching via Dana Wharf and from shore to add to the list.

One thing you WON’T see on this list is the Dana Point Waterfall. I’ve never covered it on the blog because it’s basically a glorified storm drain. Pretty on Instagram? Yes! In real life, it’s a bit of a mess because everyone flocks to the Harbor when we get a heavy rain and there is no place to park to actually see the water so all the traffic just clogs up the main road and many times the street can become flooded, too.

Please tag me on Instagram @ocplayparks if you end up taking one of these outings to let me know how it goes or if something needs updating!