Cafe at Shields Date Garden for an Outdoor Lunch


Cafe at Shields Date Garden in Indio was a refreshing spot for our family to grab a bite in the desert. Maybe it's because it was a temperate winter day and not the heat of the summer, but we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and surroundings.  Shields is an "old friend" to those who come to the desert. We went based on a recommendation from someone who has been every year since he … [Read more...]

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Displays Sonoran Desert Life


The Living Desert zoo and gardens in Palm Desert feels like you are in the middle of the Sonoran desert in Arizona when, in fact, you are at the edge of its borders just 2 hours from Orange County. I didn't realize I could visit the Sonoran so close to home!  In researching this post, I discovered that "the U.S. has 4 major desert communities: Great Basin, Mohave, Chihuahuan … [Read more...]

Discovery Cube Los Angeles Science Museum for Kids


For my Orange County readers, the Discovery Cube OC science museum off the I-5 in Santa Ana is a familiar sight. Well, there's a NEW cube in LA! Discovery Cube Los Angeles science museum for kids, adults, teachers and the whole Southern California community opens to the public on Thursday, November 13th, 2014.  My family got a first look at the new museum during a Family Media … [Read more...]

Montane Botanic Garden and Children’s Outdoor Discovery Center

montane botanic garden

The Southern California Montane Botanic Garden and Children's Outdoor Discovery Center is known in our family as our "Annual Oak Glen Hike." Apple picking is optional! The main reason we go is to get out onto the family-friendly trails in fall. Why don't you come along with us? This is such a great interpretive hike for the kids and when you come back every year - and … [Read more...]

Dennis the Menace Playground in Monterey, California

Dennis the Menace Playground

Dennis the Menace Playground at the El Estero Park Complex in Monterey, California holds special memories for adults who played there in their youth. The park first opened in 1956!  I learned about the park from my friend, Connie, and took the opportunity to visit the first time we were in the area.  Because of new safety standards, the park isn't the way everyone remembers it. … [Read more...]