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Celebrate Family Events Outdoors

Celebrate Family Events Outdoors

My best friend’s family used to celebrate every holiday hiking outdoors together. We started the same tradition with our kids . . . and the grandparents . . . and the aunts, uncles, cousins. There’s something about a leisurely stroll in nature to bring out the conversation and connections. It’s made every holiday and family occasion a little less hectic and a lot more enjoyable.

We hiked on rocks at Emma Wood Beach in Ventura on Christmas Eve finding these peaceful nature sights in cool blues, greens and winter purples.

On a March birthday, we hiked the Dana Point Headlands and witnessed the yellow blooms of spring.

We always come back feeling super-relaxed and in possession of unforgettable memories. These beautiful views would have been missed had we spent the special occasion indoors.

Are you ready to start a new tradition?