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Two Harbors – Top 25 Things to Do on Catalina Island’s Quiet Side

Two Harbors – Top 25 Things to Do on Catalina Island’s Quiet Side

Two Harbors is the other ferry drop-off I described in Friday’s post about how to get to Catalina Island.  The photo above shows Isthmus Cove which makes up half of Two Harbors.  The other half is Catalina Harbor across the isthmus on land (or around the west end of the island by boat). Fourth of July, Cherry Cove and Emerald Cove are nearby.

Cat Harbor

Two Harbors – Top 25 Things to Do

  1. See bison wandering free.
  2. Go mountain biking.
  3. Take a nature hike with the Catalina Island Conservancy.
  4. Try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).
  5. Swim with leopard sharks.
  6. Learn to identify Ship Rock and Bird Rock.
  7. See jellyfish in the water.
  8. Rent a kayak.
  9. Camp on a hillside overlooking the ocean.
  10. Attend the Saturday Open House at the USC Marine Science Lab.
  11. Tour the Hyperbaric Chamber at the lab (see #10).
  12. Order ice cream from a window outside the general store.
  13. Play at Tucker Playground.
  14. Take an easy 10-minute walk from one side of the island to the other.
  15. Snorkel in the clear waters.
  16. Rent a skiff for fishing and exploring.
  17. Venture out on any one of a number of trails. I like the road leading to the bench at the sea entrance to Cat Harbor.
  18. Scuba dive.
  19. Observe unique island eco-systems.
  20. Stargaze. I saw a shooting star, a satellite, and The Milky Way this summer.
  21. Walk the beach with your toes in the water.
  22. Stay at a 100 year old hotel – the Banning House Lodge.
  23. See a one-room red schoolhouse.
  24. Enjoy a picnic by the ocean.
  25. Spot a bald eagle.

Nearby Cherry Cove

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Monday 30th of August 2010

So, which one of those top 25 are you going to do next summer?? Can't believe after 20+ years we still have so many things left to stil do! Pretty cool!

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