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Best OC Birthday Park Ideas in South Orange County

Best OC Birthday Park Ideas in South Orange County

Looking for the best OC parks for a birthday party? This is, by no means, a complete list.

However, I combed through lots of the parks on this blog to find those that fit my criteria. I still have more to add, but this is my first go at it.

A word of caution approaching Summer 2021 is that not every park or every city is encouraging or even allowing gatherings. Each place has their own rules and limits.

Make sure you consult all the official sources to know what’s allowed and not allowed before you get too deep into planning a park birthday party in Orange County.

Best OC Birthday Party Park Ideas

Make sure you visit the park before you send invitations to make sure it's appropriate for your needs. I'd also suggest, calling the city for info on special permits or instructions. Here are the ones I came up with listed in no particular order.

Criteria (amenities required for birthday parties):

  1. Restrooms
  2. Covered picnic table area (with 2 - 4 picnic tables)
  3. Dedicated parking lots
  4. FREE

Please email me your suggestions for other SMALL parks and playgrounds.

Honorable Mention:

Our Orange County Regional Parks would be pasted all over this post if not for the entrance fee. If you’re looking to reserve a shelter at one of our amazing regional parks, check out this reservation link and refer to for OFFICIAL information on our county parks.

These are the regional parks unofficially covered on my site:

Originally posted in August 2009.

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