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15+ Stroller-Friendly Walks around Lakes in OC

15+ Stroller-Friendly Walks around Lakes in OC

It’s relatively easy to map walking routes for stroller walks around lakes in OC, if you have the right tools.

I create my own personal routes on to learn distances. I can set the app to map my walk as I’m walking OR I can select routes ahead of time and keep them in my own personal library.  I don’t even have to have a SmartPhone to do this, I can sign in to the website and map walks with markers while sitting at my desktop.

  • Go to “Create Route” and type in the park you want to map
  • A “Distance” window will pop up on the map.
  • De-select the button that says “Auto Follow Roads” – otherwise it will keep bouncing your markers off the sidewalks to the nearest street
  • Proceed to map your route and calculate the distance
  • You can save your routes, but pay attention to all the privacy notices (private, friends, public)

Lake Mission Viejo
Distance = 3.2 miles
Route around Lake Mission Viejo

Rancho Santa Margarita Lake (Private Lake for RSM Residents only)
Distance = 1 mile
Route around Rancho Santa Margarita Lake

Woodbridge Lake (North Lake in front of Ruby’s in Irvine)
Distance = 1 mile
Route around Woodbridge Lake

Heritage Park Lake in Irvine – Lake Loops
Distance of Lake Loop = .22 miles Route around Heritage Park Lake in Irvine
Distance of Longer Loop = .57 miles Route around Heritage Park Longer Loop
More info about Heritage Park Irvine

Tri-City Park Lake in Placentia
Distance of inner circle = .6 miles  Route for  INNER LOOP
Distance of the outer circle = .9 miles Route for OUTER LOOP
More info about Tri-City Park

Mile Square Regional Park (2 lakes) Fountain Valley – Pay entrance fee
Combine any of the routes to make for a longer walk.
Small Lake Loop = .31 miles Route for Small Lake Loop
Palm Island Lake Loop = .57 miles Route for Palm Island Lake Loop
Walk from Lake-to-Lake = 2.7 miles (out and back) Route for Lake-to-Lake Route
More info on Mile Square Regional Park

Huntington Beach Central Park
Library and Lake Loop = 1.42 miles Route for Library & Lake Loop
Lake and Shipley Nature Center Loop = 1.42 miles Route for Lake & Shipley Loop

Walnut Canyon Reservoir Loop Anaheim 
Distance = 2.1 miles Route around Reservoir

Yorba Regional Park Lakes Loop Anaheim – Pay entrance fee
Distance = 1.58 miles Route for Lakes Loop
More info about Yorba Regional Park

Craig Regional Park Fullerton – Pay entrance fee
Distance = 1.38 miles (Route for Loop around Craig Regional Park)
More info about Craig Regional Park

More routes to be added soon:

  • Clark Regional Park (Buena Park)
  • Carbon Canyon Regional Park (Brea)
  • Irvine Regional Park (Orange)
  • Mason Regional Park (Irvine)

More tools:

We like to walk and take slow nature hikes, but I’m not the expert. Check out these five SoCal walkers/hikers/explorers for even more measurements and details:

What tools do you use? Or do you just get out there and walk for fun?

Note: I’m not recommending – it’s just a personal tool I use to map my own walks. Even though I’ve calculated the mileage for the walks above, I make no claims that they are accurate or that the routes are accessible or safe. Especially, since I haven’t actually walked all of these walks! I modify my routes every time I walk to get a little different experience each time. Read my terms of use.

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