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15+ Stroller-Friendly Walks around Lakes in OC

15+ Stroller-Friendly Walks around Lakes in OC

It’s relatively easy to map walking routes for stroller walks around lakes in OC, if you have the right tools.

I create my own personal routes on to learn distances. I can set the app to map my walk as I’m walking OR I can select routes ahead of time and keep them in my own personal library.  I don’t even have to have a SmartPhone to do this, I can sign in to the website and map walks with markers while sitting at my desktop.

  • Go to “Create Route” and type in the park you want to map
  • A “Distance” window will pop up on the map.
  • De-select the button that says “Auto Follow Roads” – otherwise it will keep bouncing your markers off the sidewalks to the nearest street
  • Proceed to map your route and calculate the distance
  • You can save your routes, but pay attention to all the privacy notices (private, friends, public)

Lake Mission Viejo
Distance = 3.2 miles
Route around Lake Mission Viejo

Rancho Santa Margarita Lake (Private Lake for RSM Residents only)
Distance = 1 mile
Route around Rancho Santa Margarita Lake

Woodbridge Lake (North Lake in front of Ruby’s in Irvine)
Distance = 1 mile
Route around Woodbridge Lake

Heritage Park Lake in Irvine – Lake Loops
Distance of Lake Loop = .22 miles Route around Heritage Park Lake in Irvine
Distance of Longer Loop = .57 miles Route around Heritage Park Longer Loop
More info about Heritage Park Irvine

Tri-City Park Lake in Placentia
Distance of inner circle = .6 miles  Route for  INNER LOOP
Distance of the outer circle = .9 miles Route for OUTER LOOP
More info about Tri-City Park

Mile Square Regional Park (2 lakes) Fountain Valley – Pay entrance fee
Combine any of the routes to make for a longer walk.
Small Lake Loop = .31 miles Route for Small Lake Loop
Palm Island Lake Loop = .57 miles Route for Palm Island Lake Loop
Walk from Lake-to-Lake = 2.7 miles (out and back) Route for Lake-to-Lake Route
More info on Mile Square Regional Park

Huntington Beach Central Park
Library and Lake Loop = 1.42 miles Route for Library & Lake Loop
Lake and Shipley Nature Center Loop = 1.42 miles Route for Lake & Shipley Loop

Walnut Canyon Reservoir Loop Anaheim 
Distance = 2.1 miles Route around Reservoir

Yorba Regional Park Lakes Loop Anaheim – Pay entrance fee
Distance = 1.58 miles Route for Lakes Loop
More info about Yorba Regional Park

Craig Regional Park Fullerton – Pay entrance fee
Distance = 1.38 miles (Route for Loop around Craig Regional Park)
More info about Craig Regional Park

More routes to be added soon:

  • Clark Regional Park (Buena Park)
  • Carbon Canyon Regional Park (Brea)
  • Irvine Regional Park (Orange)
  • Mason Regional Park (Irvine)

More tools:

We like to walk and take slow nature hikes, but I’m not the expert. Check out these five SoCal walkers/hikers/explorers for even more measurements and details:

What tools do you use? Or do you just get out there and walk for fun?

Note: I’m not recommending – it’s just a personal tool I use to map my own walks. Even though I’ve calculated the mileage for the walks above, I make no claims that they are accurate or that the routes are accessible or safe. Especially, since I haven’t actually walked all of these walks! I modify my routes every time I walk to get a little different experience each time. Read my terms of use.


Monday 21st of July 2014

I have to second the Woodbridge Lake walk. When my kids were younger we would spend the afternoon catching lunch at Ruby's or Del Taco, watch a cheap movie at Woodbridge 5, walk the lake, play in the sandbox in the middle of the Woodbridge Village Center which is right next to Jitterbug toy store where we could get a small treat. Jitterbug was also the only store we could find Chinese jump ropes when it was the popular playground game for my daughter.