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Fenced Parks in Orange County

Fenced Parks in Orange County

Aliso Viejo and Laguna Beach lead the count for most fenced parks in Orange County.  My list of enclosed parks in Orange County started out with only 7 parks, but has grown to over 10!

Some moms call these playgrounds with fences “baby jail” and others call them “a lifesaver.”  I had some great comments on my page on Facebook for this one:

Catherine said: “If you have more than one little one (such as 2 two yr olds in my case) I’ll take a “jail” over constant heart attacks when one makes a run for the street and the other for the free fall off the 2nd floor playground. I love fenced in parks and can actually enjoy my kids knowing everyone is safe!”

Courtney added: “As a mom of 4-year-old twins, the fenced-in park was a God-send when my girls were about 18 months to almost 3 years old. There’s nothing about a jail there at all. It’s called peace of mind!”

So here are the parks I know about and will add to the list if as people send me suggestions . . .

Fenced Parks in Orange County

Here are the parks I know about that are completely fenced. I will add to the list if as you send me suggestions . . .

Holderman Park in North Tustin – Heather says it is “great for toddlers. It’s super small and is entirely fenced except the entrance. Only downside is no bathrooms.” Play equipment is designed for 2-5 year olds only.

More fenced parks:

Happy playing!

Originally published in April 2011.


Wednesday 5th of April 2017

We love Courtney's SandCastle playground in San Clemente. Thank you for this post, can't wait to visit these fun parks!

Stacey Levine

Wednesday 26th of November 2014

There is one in Long Beach. I don't know the name but everyone calls it bird cage park. It is behind the golf course of heart well park on Carson.


Thursday 22nd of March 2012

There is also a mostly fenced-in park in Lake Forest called Montbury Park. It's on Northcrest right off El Toro. It is a huge park that is fenced on 3 sides. The top part of it is not fenced, but if you have small children, they will have room to play and run around for hours in the areas that are not near the side that does not have a fence. There is no play ground there, and there are no bathrooms, but it's really a huge park where the kids can run around and play games.

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