Santa Vittoria Park in Laguna Hills for Shade and Sport


Santa Vittoria Park in Laguna Hills is a shady oasis on a hot day. Nice shady trees and grassy hills make it feel lush. It's quiet on the weekends when school is not in session. Directions to Santa Vittoria Park: Moulton Parkway is a main thoroughfare from Irvine to Dana Point (it starts out as Irvine Center Drive, turns into Moulton, and finally turns into Golden Lantern … [Read more...]

Get Your Workout On! Local Parks with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Parks with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

An article appeared in Atlantic Cities called "The Latest Scourge Afflicting Our Parks: Outdoor Yoga Classes." It sets up a scenario where private business is using public park space and not paying rent or fees for a facility. A good point, because sometimes the use of the park for classes affects the usability of the parks for the rest of the public. ¬†However, there are some … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Park in Laguna Hills: Dive Into Undersea Fossils

dinosaur park in laguna hills

Dinosaur Park in Laguna Hills is the most common name I've heard for this amazing fossil-themed park behind the Laguna Hills Community Center at the corner of Alicia and Paseo De Valencia. I've also heard it called: Dino Park and Prehistoric Park. It's a great run-around park with 2 different levels and all sorts of play equipment. Location: Exit Interstate 5 at Alicia … [Read more...]

Costeau Park in Laguna Hills: Climb into a Kids Only Treehouse


Costeau Park in Laguna Hills underwent a big renovation in April/May 2011 which removed all the bark play surface and completely replaced it with green recycled rubber.¬† I was ready to be under-impressed because I liked the old wooden equipment. In fact, I overheard some teenagers say "We played at that old park, like, our whole lives." Despite my doubts, I have to say, I think … [Read more...]

Veeh Ranch Park in Laguna Hills: It’s What’s Around the Playground


Veeh Ranch Park in Laguna Hills provides space for an easy play date. Most of the recommendations submitted to our site are big destination playgrounds. Veeh Ranch isn't one of those. We also like to highlight nearby nature and playgrounds that might not get a lot of press elsewhere. Location: Veeh Ranch Park is in the part of Laguna Hills near Lake Forest Drive bordering … [Read more...]