Santa Vittoria Park in Laguna Hills for Shade and Sport


Santa Vittoria Park in Laguna Hills is a shady oasis on a hot day. Nice shady trees and grassy hills make it feel lush. It's quiet on the weekends when school is not in session. Directions to Santa Vittoria Park: Moulton Parkway is a main thoroughfare from Irvine to Dana Point (it starts out as Irvine Center Drive, turns into Moulton, and finally turns into Golden Lantern … [Read more...]

Get Your Workout On! Local Parks with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Parks with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

An article appeared in Atlantic Cities called "The Latest Scourge Afflicting Our Parks: Outdoor Yoga Classes." It sets up a scenario where private business is using public park space and not paying rent or fees for a facility. A good point, because sometimes the use of the park for classes affects the usability of the parks for the rest of the public.  However, there are some … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Park in Laguna Hills: Dive Into Undersea Fossils

dinosaur park in laguna hills

Dinosaur Park in Laguna Hills is the most common name I've heard for this amazing fossil-themed park behind the Laguna Hills Community Center at the corner of Alicia and Paseo De Valencia. I've also heard it called: Dino Park and Prehistoric Park. It's a great run-around park with 2 different levels and all sorts of play equipment. Location: Exit Interstate 5 at Alicia … [Read more...]

Costeau Park in Laguna Hills: Climb into a Kids Only Treehouse


Costeau Park in Laguna Hills underwent a big renovation in April/May 2011 which removed all the bark play surface and completely replaced it with green recycled rubber.  I was ready to be under-impressed because I liked the old wooden equipment. In fact, I overheard some teenagers say "We played at that old park, like, our whole lives." Despite my doubts, I have to say, I think … [Read more...]