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Clarington Park in Laguna Hills

Clarington Park in Laguna Hills

Clarington Park is in a Laguna Hills neighborhood situated in the triangle formed by Alicia Parkway, Paseo de Valencia and Los Alisos.

It’s a tranquil oasis with large trees for shade and very manageable play area – even with multiple kids.

My favorite time to go is in the late afternoon and evening. It’s also a great diversion when you need outdoor time after a trip to errands nearby.

Directions to Clarington Park in Laguna Hills (Park Address: 24701 Weyburn Drive, Laguna Hills): From Alicia Parkway take Hon to Georgia Sue. Take a left to get to the playground. From Paseo de Valencia turn onto Kennington and follow either Clarington or Ashland around to the play area. MAP to Clarington Park in Laguna Hills


  • Teeter totter and two-handle manual zip track
  • Lots of shade in the late afternoon when other play places might be sweltering
  • Relaxing park for caregivers of multiple kids – you can sit in one place and watch them all
  • Plenty of swings (4 bench, 2 baby) – plus small triceratops and ride-on horse
  • Nice grassy area and access to walking trail

Be Aware:

  • NO bathrooms!
  • Some of the swings sit particularly high off the ground
  • Grassy area often used for dogs


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Originally published in November 2009.