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2024 OC Parks Annual Pass

2024 OC Parks Annual Pass

OC Parks Pass-2024 Annual Pass. Have you purchased your Orange County Parks annual pass for 2024?

For a mere $55 you get access to awe-inspiring county parks and wilderness areas, for $25 more you can get a combo pass for $80 and go to Salt Creek Beach all summer long.

The county’s regional parks are by far the most recommended by Fun Orange County Parks readers.

Last year, it took me 5 minutes to purchase an entry card from the ranger station at the entrance to O’Neill Regional Park.

Note: I am NOT officially attached to any parks. I am a writer mom and nature guide who independently promotes spending family time outdoors. Always check official sources for current info.

Link here for OFFICIAL pass information for 2024. Passes used to be in the form of decals, but now they are gate cards that last 1 year from the date of purchase.

oc regional parks clark playground with rocks to climb

Orange County Regional Park Locations

Here is a list of Orange County’s regional parks officially run by OC Parks.

Carbon Canyon Regional Park, Brea. Multiple playgrounds and big open spaces with lots of trees. There’s even a lake! Hike to a redwood grove from this park.

Clark Regional Park, Buena Park. I think of Clark as the “dinosaur park.” It may even be my favorite regional park. It has 3 separate playgrounds, an interpretive center, and a trail that leads to a hill with a great view of the surrounding area. It also has a lake that is stocked with trout.

Craig Regional Park, Fullerton. This one is near the Brea Mall. Hard to believe there is a lake in this urban area, but it makes it easy to get away and into nature.

More descriptions to come . . .

oc parks annual pass caspers wilderness park

Orange County Wilderness Park Locations

oc parks annual pass aliso beach park

Beach Locations

*Since 2008, I have received complimentary annual passes for 2 or 3 years in my 16 year history writing about them. However, I covered almost all of the OC Parks at my own expense and always renew my annual pass. It’s so worth the investment! Link here to full disclosure policy.


Thursday 12th of January 2017

When I lived in Orange County we used to attend a day camp and we'd go on field trips. One trip took us to a giant park that was essentially filled with smaller, hidden playgrounds.

We showed up and we were handed a small punch card. When we got inside the park, immediately you could see a playground. The catch was, that wasn't the only playground. As you wandered around, e.g. went over a hill or cut through some trees, there was another park. And then another. And so on.

At each park there was a hole punch tethered to a piece of equipment, like a slide or a swing set. You could use the punch to mark your punch card to show which parks you found.

My brother was there too and he swears he doesn't remember such a park. Maybe I dreamed it.

Does it sound familiar to you at all?

Michele Whiteaker

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Excerpt from my email reply to Age:

I love your story about the park! Play memories are the best. I don't think you were dreaming. It sounds like a dream-come-true to me.

Here's my guess . . .

Maybe Irvine Regional Park? I think your camp might have set up an "Orienteering" course with the punch cards. I took an orienteering workshop up near Lake Tahoe and your description sounds really similar.

Sorry I can't solve the whole mystery, but maybe the orienteering and checking out my post on Irvine Regional will bring back some memories?

Here's my post:

Thanks for sharing!

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