Outdoor Play Activities for California “Cold” Weather

outdoor play for cold weather

Outdoor play activities can be challenging when it's chilly. California "cold" weather isn't really that cold. Still, it's tough to convince my friends with kids to get outside and play when rain threatens or there's a blustery wind.  I guess we're spoiled by great beach and park play day weather? Outdoor time is still important any time of year. Remember how good it feels to … [Read more...]

25 Best Family Movies to Watch on Rainy Indoor Weekends


You know I don't often recommend screen time on this blog, but a friend asked me for suggestions on the best family movies to watch together with the kids.  My kids don't watch any TV during the week -- no time with school and play! So our occasional "Family Movie Night" has turned into a really special occasion for us. First of all, I highly recommend tidepooling on rainy … [Read more...]

Rain, Rain, Go and Play


Did you go for a walk in the rain last weekend?  We did.     And we've also been playing A LOT more since the time change. I love it!  Paper Coterie runs a March photo scavenger  called #takingtimeforplay on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  I'm loving all the play it's inspired -- even for us -- who play anyways. Plus, it's just … [Read more...]

Guess the Game: Odds and Ends


I'm seeing signs of fall!  Are you? Cooler nights and warm days make the leaves change color. We've got a nice little drizzle going this morning. LOVE fall!  My friend over at TravelingMel.com is getting ready for winter in Montana and embarked on canning projects - looks DELICIOUS. I bought a whole flat of peaches this week just because of her photos! Guess the Game: Odds and … [Read more...]