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Build a Fort?

Build a Fort?

My husband and I have date night almost every night. Sometimes we read. Sometimes we watch TV. Sometimes we just talk. After the kids go to bed it’s just “our time.” And it’s basically a free date night without having the pressure of going out and making this one night the best night of the month or week. I love it and I look forward to our evenings together every day.

Mr. NaturePlayTrips thought this scene from “This is 40” was HILARIOUS in regards to my chosen blog topic.

Imagine the scene. We’re unwinding and watching a movie. Lots of the movie is a little over-the-top for us with the language – our vocabulary is generally missing the F-word. I keep commenting that if my soon-to-be 13 year old talked to me like the 13 year old in the movie then he would be in a whole mound of trouble! We are both stressing out trying to figure how we would discipline this fictitious kid. We thought the whole movie would be funny, but for us over-40-year-olds it was a little too real.

So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the movie — and plug your ears at the end if you don’t want to hear the word “crap” – but my husband was cackling about this!

Always good to get a laugh – and I’m even willing for it to be at my expense!