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Tidepooling in the Rain

Tidepooling in the Rain

Rain doesn’t stop us from getting outdoors. Didn’t you love to play in the rain when you were young? Remember my 10-Day Rainy Play Plan? Then we went tidepooling! [Important Note: I’ve heard through the grapevine that Aliso Beach incurred lots of damage right after our tidepooling adventure. Much of the sand washed out and the creek mouth expanded. Use caution.]

I was a Nature Rocks Ambassador and I ran a Nature Play Club for families back in 2010. A few of our monthly outings met with wet weather. But we learned to embrace all kinds of weather. It taught us about nature. In October, we enjoyed a misty campfire at the beach. For December, we scheduled tidepooling at Crystal Cove State Beach. Once we learned it would rain, we decided to hit Aliso Beach Park instead so we wouldn’t have to navigate the stairs at Crystal Cove. Aliso is awesome, because you can just step out of your car and be here:

The rain was, again, more a mist and didn’t really make a dent in our fun. We still found starfish:

We saw mussels and barnacles:

We were careful not to step on anemones or damage any of the wildlife growing on the rocks.

We even spotted dolphins playing in the waves. There were flocks of seagulls on the sand and pelicans flying in V-formation. We found shells and rocks. The kids climbed rocks, balanced between the tidepools, and ran in the sand. They built an arch with bamboo that had washed ashore. It was 2 hours of pure fun and we only got a little wet. Who knows what you’ll see when you head out on a family adventure?

Tips for a Rainy Day Tidepooling Adventure:

-Dress for the weather.
-Check the tides before you go (arrive about an hour before the low tide mark).
-ALWAYS keep your eye on the ocean – watch for waves.
-Use caution on slippery rocks.
-Don’t collect or step on wildlife – “Leave No Trace.”
-Look closely – tidepool treasures are often small. Be patient.
-Bring towels and a change of clothes for the kids.
-Consider bringing a Thermos of hot cocoa for a special treat.

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Friday 28th of January 2011

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