How to Be a Park Scout

Park Scout



  • Must live and play in Orange County, CA.
  • Must be okay with the fame and adoration of park-loving fans as your ONLY compensation (plus my neverending gratitude for your contribution). If you have a website or blog, I can provide one link back to it.
  • All park posts and photos become property of Parks Creative LLC to share all over the place.

First Step (IMPORTANT):

  • I’d hate for you to do all sorts of work for nothing. Please e-mail me first about your proposed park or play idea so I can make sure I haven’t already covered it. Or take a chance and just send something in.
  • I’ll e-mail you back to give you the okay. Then you can start writing!

Start Writing! Then e-mail me ( I’ll need:

  • One blog post in whatever style you choose. Just share what you know. Write the blog post you’ve always dreamed of writing. Of course, it must fit this goal: Promoting play by sharing local places (or play ideas, or play memories, or . . . you probably get the picture).
  • 1-5 photographs (.jpg format – and preferably horizontal) to accompany the post. (NO kids faces in the photos, please. Unless they are your kids and you don’t have a problem with posting the photos online.)
  • Tell me how you’d like to be credited (link to your website, first name only, anonymous, full name, whatever!)




Lisa Lasater
North County Parks Reporter

Lisa unofficially joined the team with her first stellar playground recommendation back in August 2009. She officially earned her honorary title and agreed to be “official” in May 2010. She says, “I’m always looking for excuses to explore and find new places to play. My “day job” consists of hanging out with my two young park connoisseurs.”

daraavatar Dara Bertagni

Dara contributed 23 outstanding posts between September 2009 and January 2011. Her title was playground blogger, but she did so much more behind the scenes. She was the perfect team member with her creative ideas, organizational skills, and overall positive attitude.

Wendy – Volunteer Park Scout
Wendy wrote to me in February of 2013 saying: “I have a two year old son and I’m a huge fan of your blog. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource for families in Orange County. From three months old onward my son has been happiest outside in nature so your park recommendations have been invaluable to me as I plan our days. I would like to become a park scout for you to pay forward all of the wonderful resources I have received from your blog.”  Wow! Read her review of Heritage Park in Tustin – it’s awesome!