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Shipley Nature Center and Blackbird Pond

Shipley Nature Center and Blackbird Pond

Shipley Nature Center is absolutely one of my favorite spots in Orange County.

How to Get to Shipley Nature Center: You would never know there’s a huge park just from driving by. When I go, I take Interstate 405 to Beach Boulevard and head toward the beach. Turn right on Slater and left on Goldenwest.  Half of the park is on your left (restaurant, lake, library) and the parking for Shipley is on your right. Another alternative is to take the 55 to PCH North and then turn right onto Goldenwest.  MAP TO SHIPLEY NATURE CENTER IN HUNTINGTON BEACH


The trails inside Shipley are a manageable size for families with toddlers.

We always see butterflies, bunnies, bugs and birds on our visits.

Many of the plants are also marked so you can learn names of some of the local vegetation.

The Nature Center has some really fun stuff with drawers to open and a little puppet theater with loads of puppets for play.  It’s very hands-on.

Parents will like the Native Plants for sale, books for sale, and pamphlets. I always like to buy from organizations like this because I know some of the money is going to support the non-profit.

They have a very helpful website and newsletter at

Be Aware:

Children might need to be reminded to stay on the trail – but it’s really fun to let them choose which way to go! You probably can’t walk all the way around the pond, so be ready to turn around and go back the way you came.

There’s one section of trail with Stinging Nettles (with warning signs) bordering the pathway. There are clear signs when you are entering the area and I think it’s a good lesson on how to identify them. Apparently there’s a rare Red Admiral butterfly which hangs out near them so it’s worth a look.

The paths are wood chips, so they are not exactly stroller-friendly (although you could do it). I’d recommend letting them walk or carrying them.


Nearby Parks:

Originally posted in September 2010.

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