Olinda Ranch Park in Brea: Pluck Some Piano Tunes and Play in the Sand


Olinda Ranch Park in Brea is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood just across the street from Carbon Canyon Regional Park. The small but charming play structure has some fun interactive play panels and plenty of play sand below. Retreat to the shade of the nearby trees or shaded picnic area for a snack and a break from the sun. Directions to Olinda Ranch Park in Brea:  From … [Read more...]

Wildcatters Park in Brea: Benches Galore for Parents and Climbing for Kids


Wildcatters Park in Brea is so new it isn’t even on the map yet! This unique park has beautiful landscaping, fun play elements and a bit of shade built right into the structures. Directions to Wildcatters Park in Brea: Located off of Santa Fe Road, just west of Valencia Avenue. From the 57 freeway, exit at Lambert and head east. Make a left onto Kraemer Blvd, which … [Read more...]

Founder’s Park in Brea: Sandy Play Table Gets All the Attention

Founder's Park in Brea

Founder’s Park in Brea is perfect for kids that enjoy playing with sand. Sure, there are play structures and a cool rock-climbing wall – but my boys tend to ignore everything but the sand and play table for the majority of the time that we are here. They typically only decide to start playing on the structures as we are wrapping up our visits. Location: Founder’s Park is … [Read more...]