Parks with Outdoor Handball and Racquetball Courts in Orange County

Parks with Outdoor Handball and Racquetball Courts

I love it when readers ask questions! Chances are — you are not the only one wondering about the answer.  Facebook and the readers who follow me there have turned out to be an invaluable and instantaneous resource when I need answers to tough questions, like “How do I find parks with outdoor handball courts in Orange County?

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This one stumped me. I couldn’t think of ANY.  Oh no!  Facebook to the rescue. Just hearing about some of them jogged my memory.  Thanks to all who put on their thinking caps.


North County

Central County

South County

  • Del Obispo Park at the Dana Point Community Center (2 courts – pictured above) — Contributed by MA

It just warms my heart to see all those initials of helpful park lovers who are sharing their knowledge. It really does make a difference!  This list would only include 2 or 3 parks if you were depending on me. Look what we can do together! Awesome.

Keep the recommendations coming!

It's always nice to share.
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  1. Karle says

    My son loves handball! Great way to get kids outside to play even when we do not have enough players for a team sport. Bravo!

  2. Danielle says

    Thanks for this entry!! Never would of thought of it as a topic, but I know it will come in handy for my boys who love handball- no pun intended:)